Would you get naked for free flights?

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Posted by Sarah

I’ve always been a little squeamish about public nudity. It’s not that I disapprove as such – I just don’t know where to look! And I’m fairly sure I’d never get naked in public myself – even if I was lured with free flights. I’ve just been reading about an Aer Lingus marketing stunt during which a couple of hundred people volunteered to ‘get naked’ in London on Sunday, with two free flights on offer for everyone that did so.

Apparently, Aer Lingus was expecting around a thousand people but less than half of this number attended – maybe they all felt a bit like me! Still, due to police regulations, you weren’t actually allowed to get completely naked and from the pictures I’ve looked at, it looks like most of the girls were wearing bikinis. The weather in London looked quite good actually, so – if I had had the time or the inclination to go – being semi-unclothed for a few hours probably wouldn’t so bad, if I got a free trip to Dublin out of it.

It’s sort of made me think about other high profile naked events and exhibitions in the UK – like Spencer Tunick’s live installation outside the BALTIC in Gateshead in 2006, where nearly 2000 people of all ages, shapes and sizes stripped naked. Annoyingly, I can’t find a video of it (can anyone help me?) but the artist has done loads of these installations all around the world. Here’s a really spectacular video of the installation in Switzerland a few years ago – don’t worry, it’s very tasteful!


Even if you missed out on Aer Lingus’ stunt, you’d be surprised at how easy it is to combine public nudity with the promise of a holiday. I just found out that at a naturist beach in Devon, evidence of giant prehistoric worms has been discovered. Situated in the English Riviera Geopark – which aims to promote the UK’s impressive geological heritage – there’s plenty to see on a short break around this popular naturist retreat. And you can pack light too 🙂

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