Why I love Pancake Day

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Posted by Sarah

A lot of people say that January and February are the most boring months of the year – and for the most part, I agree. But there’s one thing in February that I really look forward to: Pancake Day!

Like most kids, I started making pancakes on Pancake Day with my mum as a child and I’ve just carried on the tradition for all these years. My usual routine is to invite some friends round for dinner, make a huge stack of pancakes and make sure that I’ve got enough fillings to go round. I know lemon and sugar is traditional but my favourite is definitely chopped bananas and nutella. A little unorthodox, I know, but I love it.

I’m quite keen to branch out of the norm a little this year though – that’s because someone I know is planning to run in Great Spitalfield Pancake Day Race in London. I’ve never been to one but all the pictures I’ve seen look amazing. Basically, teams of pancake lovers get together and run towards a finishing line with frying pans of pancakes, tossing the tasty treat at strategic points along the way.

Here’s a video I found of it from a couple of years ago:


Looks like fun doesn’t it? I wonder if I could persuade everyone else in the office to hold one of our own. Any takers, guys?

I’ve definitely got to add this to my list of wacky UK attractions

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