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Are you embarking on a travel adventure in 2016? Give yourself the gift of a relaxing, stress-free break by packing this year’s must-have travel gadgets and accessories. You’re guaranteed a great getaway when you pack smart; so we’ve come up with our top 6 picks to inspire you on your way to the perfect break!

1) The Travelrest Pillow

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Travelling can sometimes be a little tiring, and nothing gives you that peppy feeling more than a rejuvenating nap. But here at SuperBreak, we know that napping while travelling is much simpler than it sounds; and with our top gadget you can say goodbye to that achy neck and say hello to a full-upper-body-supported sleep. Say hello to the Travelrest Pillow. This ergonomic, inflatable pillow is compact and portable, meaning that you can take your pillow with you wherever you go on your next short break. At £20 it’s a great investment to ensure sweet dreams when travelling.

2) Olloclip

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Capturing your travelling memories is an important part of the globetrotting experience, but sometimes carrying a camera and a phone around can be a little bit cumbersome. Coming in a range of colours, the pocket-sized Olloclip simply clips onto your iPhone and transforms your photos into Instagram masterpieces. Acting as a wide-angle lens for your phone, you can now get that incredible view all in one shot. Your professional photographing starts from £39.99.

3) Bose® Wireless Headphones

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Wave goodbye to all those pesky wires when listening to your favourite tunes on your short break with some wireless headphones. Bose® wireless headphones are not only cable free and lightweight, but their impressive sound technology and stylish design means that you can listen to your top tunes without getting all tangled up. A musical investment sweet to your ears from £179.95.

4) JUNE – UV Protection Wristband

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Sun-seeking has never been safer and more stylish. JUNE is a chic UV-detection wristband which lets you know when you need to top up your sun cream. Considering your skin type and UV exposure, the wristband receives the sun exposure data and works alongside an App which to tell you how much of your daily sun dose you’ve had. You’ll get notifications tailored to you, telling you when to top up and which SPF you should use. Up your sun savviness with this £97 investment.

5) Puddletons® Wellies

If you’re thinking of taking a short break in the UK, you should also be thinking about the possibility of a little rainfall. But wellies don’t have to be drab or unfashionable, Puddletons have created lots of colourful boots which are all both foldable and fashionable. From prices starting at around £30, you toes will be toasty and dry whatever the weather on your travels. Also a great buy for the festivalgoers among us!

6) Vapur® MicroFilter Bottle

No matter your travel destination, water is a go-to drink for many people when out and about. If you’re an active, outdoorsy type then the Vapur MicroFilter Bottle is an essential piece of kit; it’s a chemical-free filter which removes 99.999% of waterborne bacteria. Military tested, the bottle filters water from taps, lakes, rivers and streams, meaning you can quench your thirst at any time. Grab one for your next trip for just £38.

What are the top travel gadgets and accessories you just couldn’t live without? Let us know in the comment box below!

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