Visit Santa in a real Lapland grotto

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I just found out about the most amazing idea for Christmas breaks – how about a visit to Lapland to meet Father Christmas in his own grotto on a real Santa safari?

Well, as ‘real’ as need be to spellbind children. Kids are sure to love taking a sleigh ride through a real Lapland forest in north Finland and chance upon the woodland cabin of jolly Saint Nicholas himself. They even get to take home an early Christmas present – Santa might have run out of Nintendo Wii consoles at this busy time of year, but kids are sure to get a cuddly reindeer for their troubles.

These Lapland Santa tours are the perfect idea for a family Christmas break, and offer up a festive wonderland that’s just as you might have imagined it – although you’d better make sure you really do wrap up warm, it can get mighty chilly. You’re only 32 miles from Russia after all, so your finest Arctic gear is a must if you plan on following in Rudolph’s hoofprints – and after all, it wouldn’t really be Christmas without the snow.

There’s a whole host of activities to enjoy on a trip to Santa’s Lapland, lifted straight out of your childhood Christmas books. All the family can enjoy rides on snowmobiles and sleds pulled by huskies and reindeer, but let’s face it – this is really a time to treat your children. Christmas is one of the most magical times of the year when you’re young, and while taking a Santa trip might seem like a wish fulfillment for the child in you, it makes for an unforgettable experience for your little ones (and the young-at-heart). A step up from a bloke in a beard down at your local garden centre any day!

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