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We’re all going a bit mushy this week at Superbreak Towers in the run up to the so-called ‘most romantic day of the year’. Roses are being delivered to the office, secret admirers are coming out of the woodwork and we are all eagerly waiting to pounce on the first chocolate selection box that gets brought in. The loved up amongst us have been planning their last minute Valentine’s breaks whilst the singletons are getting ready for a night on the tiles. As the hype began to build, the Web Content girls and I got chatting about our best and worst Valentine’s memories, and we thought we’d round up the best stories from our fellow Superbreakers to share with you all!


Tracey Harris, Sales Office Executive, had a romantic surprise that is leading to a very happy ending…

“On Valentine’s Day 2011 I was taken for a romantic meal at an Italian restaurant in York. I saw the waiter heading towards us with a bouquet of roses and I didn’t for one minute think they were for me, but they were! (my fella had already had them delivered to the restaurant). After we ate, he did a little speech about how he wanted to spend the rest of his life me and then pulled out a ring! He asked me to marry him. I said yes which is a good job ‘cos then the waiter bought over a gift bag which contained a big chocolate cake in the shape of a heart and a card saying congratulations on your engagement! We are getting married November 2014.”


Matt Finn, Online Marketing Executive is a die-hard Leeds fan, and wasn’t going to let anything (or anyone) come in the way of that…

“I went to the Leeds match instead of taking my ex-girlfriend out.” (a-hem maybe that’s why she’s now an ex Matt?)


Jacquie Fisher, Direct Marketing Manager was used to sacrificing Valentine’s Day for her husband’s birthday celebrations, until 2011…

“My husband’s birthday is on Valentine’s Day, so he thinks that’s a reason not to celebrate and his birthday supersedes any Valentine celebrations, so no valentine’s card for me.  In 2011 he was 40, so I kept asking what he wanted for his birthday and all he could come up with was slippers! He said I was making it stressful. On his birthday I cooked a really nice meal and just as we were finishing he said ‘I’ve thought of something else I want for my birthday’ – I thought what now?  So I said ‘It’s a bit late and I’ve already spent loads on bits and bobs’ and he said ‘For you to be my wife!”


Ann Bell, Accounts Department, had a very unexpected arrival one Valentine’s Day…

I had a baby on Valentine’s Day.  He was three and a half weeks early and I got told I picked the most expensive day of the year for buying flowers!  Don’t think men appreciate that you don’t ‘pick’ the day!”


Louise Milard, Online Marketing Executive, was horrified when her best friend’s boyfriend turned up with quite possibly the worlds worst Valentine’s gift ever…!

 “My best friend had been dating a guy for about a year and I’d only just met my current boyfriend. As Valentine’s Day came round, we both got ready unbeknown to us what our other halves had planned for us that evening. Fortunately for me, I was to be whisked away for a romantic meal. Unfortunately for my friend, her boyfriend turned up on the door step with an ironing board as a Valentine’s gift. Needless to say, my boyfriend &  I made a dash for it before my friend did some serious damage to the (now) ex-boyfriend and the rather questionable, yet practical, gift.”


Sebastian Schiewe, Groups and Specialist Sales Advisor, has genuinely restored our faith in singles nights with his incredibly romantic tale of love at first sight…

“It was just over a year for me since arriving in England and I was still a bit of a stranger; new faces, new customs and a new way of life. I had made some friends, well mates, and when one of them asked me if we should go to a ‘Singles Party’ in York, I was not really taken by it at first. In the end I decided to go, just to see what would happen. I entered this club, Toffs, and straight away looked into the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. My heart was pounding and the sticker saying ‘Single’ on it nearly came off my shirt. My shyness got the better of me and so I danced along and had a few drinks, still thinking about this magical moment when my eyes met those of the beautiful girl at the beginning of the night. Later, much later, when everyone was asked to leave, people still exchanged phone numbers and chatted lightly about this and that outside the club. I took a deep breath and approached the mystery women.

My wife tells me that I seemed drunk. In reality I was just fighting my nerves. This could well be a reason why she also thought I was Irish, when I am actually German. In any case, 9 years and a beautiful son later, we can still laugh about this evening and the affections we had for each other at first sight.”


Vikki Stathers, Web Content Executive, will never forget her first ever Valentine’s with a boyfriend at sweet 16. Seems she was far more excited about Justin Timberlake than her then boyfriend though!…

 “I was really excited for my first ever Valentine’s Day with a ‘proper’ boyfriend, but he hadn’t mentioned anything so I thought he’d forgotten. Anyway, we got to college on Valentine’s morning and to my surprise he’d slyly handed my tutor tickets to see Justin Timberlake, hidden in a piece of my work for my teacher to hand back to me! It was my first ever concert. Super, super cheesy, but when you’re 16 and in love with Justin Timberlake, it doesn’t get much better.  Shame about the boyfriend though!”

What’s your most most memorable Valentines Day? We’d love to hear about it!



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