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Let’s be honest, we’re all guilty of finding somewhere we like and revisiting it over and over again…I know I am! Once I’ve found a destination I love I’d be happy to go back time and again, but where’s the fun in that?! With some of the most beautiful and intriguing cities in the world, the UK is a warren of hidden gems and undiscovered history just waiting for us to find a little inspiration and get out and explore. However, if you know what you like and you like what you know, fear not.

There are plenty of similarities between cities both north and south of the UK that offer the perfect opportunity to visit somewhere new without thinking too far outside the box. Check out these three examples of sister cities from opposite ends of the country. We guarantee if you like one you’ll love the other. You never know what you might find!

York vs Bath
York vs Bath

If you like York, you’ll love Bath….

Seeing as Superbreak HQ is based in York, we’re completely biased. But York is in fact the most brilliant city in the UK (come visit and you’ll see!), but if you’ve been here before then it’s always nice to venture somewhere a little different. In that case, you need to pay attention to the beauty that Bath can offer. Matching the stunning historical architecture of York and the easy-going atmosphere, Bath is definitely a must visit UK destination. Iconic attractions like the Roman Baths and the Jane Austen Centre are great options similar to York’s impressive Minster and romantic river cruises. So if you’re swapping north for south, a short break in Bath is a perfect option.

Durham vs Oxford
Durham vs Oxford

If you like Oxford, you’ll love Durham

For a quieter more refined break, Durham and Oxford are like two peas in a pod. Both famous for their picturesque town centres with an abundance of entertainment and historical attractions, these two cities offer a peaceful retreat with plenty of culture. With Durham Cathedral at the heart of the city and OxfordUniversity a major landmark itself, the two mirror each other perfectly. You’ll also find some of the most amazing spa hotels here too! So if you fancy a short break of culture and history, mixed with fine dining and relaxing spa treatments, make sure you take a look at Durham!

Manchester vs London
Manchester vs London

If you like London, you’ll love Manchester

At the opposite end of the spectrum are Manchester and London. If you like all the entertainment and glamour of a London short break can bring, give Manchester a go! From exciting theatre breaks to cocktail bars, if you have the mind set of ‘I’ll try everything once’ then get yourself to Manchester! You also have the option of some of the most exclusive hotels in the UK here too, such as the Radisson Blu Edwardian Manchester. So for a buzzing metropolitan break full to the brim with exciting attractions, world class theatre and celebrity nightlife, Manchester could be right up your street.

Are there any other sister cities that you think have good similarities?

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