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Here at SuperBreak we decided to challenge some of the UK’s top travel bloggers to our #UKin48hours challenge, to see how much they could tick off on their short break.

Our first bloggers, Char Taylor and Sarah Christie are setting off on their short break this week with their partners, making for a perfect early Valentine’s break. So we thought we’d get to know our traveling couples with a game of Mr and Mrs.

Char Taylor

Char and her husband Jay are setting off to Oxford with their 2-and-a-half-month old baby, Nova.

Keep up-to-date with Char’s travels on her blog.

Sarah Christie

sara c crop

When the lovely people at SuperBreak asked us to take part in the Mr and Mrs quiz I was quietly confident this was a task we would do well in.

Chris and I have been together for 24 years and married for 22, in that time we have moved house more times than I care to remember, lived in Lancashire and Essex, and have two wonderful boys Jack and Joe, who seem to be growing up too quickly. We love traveling and eating out as a family, and the boys all love football, a hobby I do my best to avoid.

Joe ensured we carried out the quiz under strict exam conditions, no cheating allowed, and trust me a little bit of power goes a long way with Joe!

When I first read the questions I wasn’t sure how well we would do. I was pretty confident with favourite colour, song, city etc., but these were a bit more general – however we surprised ourselves and clearly know each other so much better that we thought.

1. What was his/her first impression of you?

Chris, silly red hair, (How dare he? My bright red sleek bob was ahead of it time, and very shiny), I said he thought I fancied him.
Sarah, I thought he was funny, Chris said he thought I didn’t like him at first

2. What makes him/her laugh more than anything?

We both put the boys.

3. What was his/her favourite weekend away that you’ve taken together?

We both said Barcelona for each other and ourselves. This was our 20th Anniversary trip; it was amazing being able to sunbathe with your eyes closed, not having to constantly watch where the boys were.

4. Where is his/her dream holiday destination?

Chris said Iceland, I put Iceland.
I said Florida, and Chris put Florida.

5. What do you think would be his/her’s ideal Valentine’s Day?

Chris said go to a football match?? I had put a long walk and meal (football, what planet?)
I said a romantic break away, meal and a show, and Chris got that right.

The Results

Chris of course is feeling very smug with his score of 4 whilst I scored 3. But honestly, who would have ever thought he would have put a football match for a romantic Valentine’s Day? I know he loves football, but that’s hardly romantic is it?

Overall I am pleased with our score, I think we did really well. And I am going to claim a bonus point for no.1 as he is always telling the boys how for me it was love at first sight when we met.

Sarah and Chris are traveling to Manchester on their short break.

Keep up-to-date with Sarah’s travels on her blog.

Follow all the adventures of the #UKin48hours challenge on social media using the hashtag. Plus, keep an eye on our blog for more news and updates.

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