Top 5 Halloween city breaks we dare you to try!

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Welcome Boils and Ghouls to our very special spooktacular blog post featuring lots of horrifyingly exciting ideas for Halloween city breaks. From ghostly hauntings and mysterious murders to creepy dungeons and eerie cemeteries, we’ve got it covered in our Top 5 City Destinations perfect for a spine-chilling Halloween break. Muhahahaha!

The Amsterdam Dungeon
Get ready to experience lots of gruesome tales at
The Amsterdam Dungeon

Coming in at FREAKY FIVE we have Amsterdam

A Halloween adventure in the Dutch capital starts way before you’ve reached the Netherlands coast. Embarking on a Mini Cruise from Hull, you can enjoy a 3 or 4 night bargain break in the quaintly wonderful city of Amsterdam. There’s a variety of spooky attractions to choose from during Halloween including unnerving ghost walks and the gruesome Amsterdam dungeons. Scary stuff I think you’ll agree!

And the frightful fun doesn’t stop there! For the party people among us, you can head to the Amsterdam Halloween Festival for a week crammed full of ghoulishly exciting events. From costumed roller-skates and horror movie marathons to ‘bloody’ good themed boat trips on the canal, you can definitely experience a weird and wonderful Halloween in Amsterdam!

P&O Mini Cruise to Amsterdam, 3 nights, from £98.50pp
Amsterdam Dungeon
+ Hotel, from £53.50pp


Paranormal Activity Break, Chester
Experience a ghastly weekend on a Paranormal Activity break in Chester

FRIGHTFUL FOUR brings you historical cities York & Chester

Both equally as scary as each other when it comes to historical hauntings, York and Chester can offer you a whole host of spooky goings-on.

York is home to a variety of ghastly attractions including the Original Ghost Walk Experience taking you on a sinister journey of the most famously haunted sites in the city. You can also come face to face with the city’s shockingly gruesome past at The York Dungeons, complete with interactive shows and petrifying special effects.

For a truly unique Halloween experience, head to Chester for a terrifying Paranormal Activity Break. Set in the Best Western Premier Queen Hotel, you’ll endure guided tours of the ghostly hotel as well as the historic city. And if that wasn’t scary enough, the night ends with an in-depth séance with the world-famous medium Eleanor Dayton making this hair-raising break the perfect chance to meet some Halloween ghosties.

Original Ghost Walk York + Hotel, from £32.75pp
The York Dungeon + Hotel, from £38.55pp
Paranormal Activity Break Chester on 18th, 25th October or 1st November, from £119pp


Prague at Halloween
Spookily chilling shots of Gothic Prague at Halloween

THRILLING THREE takes you on a Gothic adventure to Prague

By day Prague is a beautiful lively city with plenty to see and do, but by night the 14th century Gothic architecture looms over the city making it the perfect European destination for a Halloween break. When I visited last summer, the breath-taking fairy-tale structures across the city reminded me of vampires, dragons, ghouls and other demon-like creatures you hope to find on Halloween.

If you’re feeling brave, make sure you visit the Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague where you’ll find rows of crooked tombstones eerily toppling over each other, or for something a little more unusual head to Kutna Hora’s famous bone church. Inside the church is covered from floor to ceiling with human bones, so, so many bones. Neatly presented bones, but nevertheless…human bones.

European Hotel + Flight Deal
3* Prague city break, 2 nights, departing 13th November from Manchester Airport, from £134pp


London Dungeons
Meet some of history’s most horrifying characters at The London Dungeon

TERRIFYING TWO dares you to experience London at Halloween

Ah London…the setting of so many historical events in Britain, you’re sure to experience a spooky Halloween in this great capital, but where to begin?!

Take a sinister ride on the Ghost Bus Tour of London to see the city’s most mysterious locations including creepy haunted houses and blood-curdling murder scenes. A visit to London Dungeons will take you back through 1000 years of the capital’s history with infamous villains, ghastly monarchs and the tale of Guy Fawkes. If you want to be scared further, the Jack the Ripper Tour will certainly do the trick. Explore the background of Britain’s most famous man-hunt with spine-chilling facts about the gruesome and gripping murders of the 1888.

The Ghost Bus Tour of London + Hotel, from £50pp
The London Dungeon – Special Offer + Hotel, from £48pp
The Jack the Ripper Tour + Hotel, from £44pp


Edinburgh Ghost Bus Tour
Endure this fun-filled (and ghost-filled) bus tour of Edinburgh’s dark side

And in FEARFULLY FIRST place, there’s oh so eerie Edinburgh

If there’s one place you’re guaranteed to be terrified at Halloween, it’s definitely Edinburgh. Discover the city’s spookiest secrets with a fang-tastic choice of ghoulish attractions.

The tortured spirits of the dead await you on The Ghostly Underground Tour in Edinburgh. Explore the long buried Blair Street Underground Vaults with sinister tales of creepy characters that haunt the city’s past. A captivatingly eerie experience, this spooky tour will fascinate you (and frighten you) from start to finish.

For an extra thrill, The Edinburgh Hidden & Haunted Tour lets you experience these ghostly vaults at night for a truly terrifying Halloween adventure. With spine-chilling stories of bloody torture and gruesome deaths, you’ll wish you never embarked on this twisted midnight tour.

Continue the Halloween frightful-fun with a visit to Edinburgh Dungeons where you’ll discover 500 years of Scotland’s horrible history. Or take a ride on the Edinburgh Ghost Bus Tour, another desperately ghoulish and horrifically scary (yet comical) tour of the city’s darkest corners. From witches and grave robbers to the disastrous effects of the plague, you’ll see it all (and instantly wish you hadn’t) on a Halloween break in Edinburgh.

The Ghostly Underground Tour + Hotel, from £34.75pp
The Edinburgh Hidden & Haunted Tour + Hotel, from £35.75pp
The Edinburgh Dungeon + Hotel, from £35.25pp
Edinburgh Ghost Bus Tour + Hotel, from £42.75pp

Are you planning a Halloween break for 2013? Got any terrifyingly good ideas for a super scary Halloween adventure? Let us know using the comments box below.


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