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Wait, what’s that we spy out the window? Could it be…yes it really is, the sun is finally here and spring is just around the corner! The glow of the sunshine on this Friday afternoon has left us all with just one question on our minds, how are we going to spend the beautiful (hopefully) sunny weekend we have ahead of us? Are you looking for some inspiration on what to do this weekend, here’s our top seven ways to spend a sunny weekend.

1) Having a picnic

Nothing quite epitomises a sunny British day quite as well as a picnic. When the sun is shining there’s nothing better than rounding up a group of family and friends, packing up a picnic basket and heading to the local park. A picnic is the perfect way to enjoy some fresh air and catch up with your loved ones in the most relaxed setting. Bring on the sausage rolls and strawberries!

2) Going for a walk

We spend so much of our week cooped up indoors – whether we’re sitting in an office all day, driving from the house to work to pick up the kids, or retreating to the sofa to catch up on TV after a busy day. So a sunny weekend is the perfect time to get outdoors and stretch our legs. Whether you choose to head out with your partner to enjoy some quality distraction-free time together, bring the dog out for a runaround, or pop in your headphones and enjoy some time with just you and your thoughts – a relaxing walk outdoors allows you time to wind down from a hectic week. Plus, you’ll find that slowing down and strolling around your local area will allow you the chance to pick up on many beautiful parts of the area which normally pass you by.

3) Being a tourist in your own town

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The UK is filled with so much interesting and beautiful history, which tourists from around the world flock to see, but which we as UK locals often take for granted. A sunny weekend is the perfect time to get the family together and go out and learn a bit about your local area. From Edinburgh castle, to York Minster to Chester’s Roman Gardens – wherever you are in the UK there is bound to be some excellent sightseeing to be done right on your own doorstep. Need a bit of inspiration? Have a look at our suggestion for things you never thought to do in historic UK cities.

4) Taking a last-minute UK breaks

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Of course you don’t need to stick to your own turf; a sunny weekend is the best time to book a last-minute break in the UK, and explore some of those other towns and cities you’ve always wanted to see but never quite got round to visiting. Some of our favourite places to explore on a sunny day are the cobbled streets and city walls of York, the historic buildings and canal walk of Lancaster, and the beautiful Botanic Gardens and ancient architecture of Oxford.

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5) A trip to the seaside

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside! A seaside trip on a sunny weekend, is a British tradition which has carried through every generation, and is associated with so many cherished childhood moments. Nothing can quite beat the simple pleasure of sitting by the sea with a fish and chips and an ice-cream, no matter how old you get. Some of our favourite UK beaches include Morecambe Bay, Bournemouth and Holkham in Norfolk.

6) A pint in a beer garden

Ahh, is there a better way to relax on a weekend than soaking up some sun in a beautiful beer garden while sipping on a cold drink. Whether you prefer a refreshing pint of beer, a cool wine spritzer or a fruity glass of Pimms (my choice for a sunny day), a beer garden is an ideal place to catch up on the week that’s been and have some laughs with your friends.

7) Get Active

We’ve all been promising ourselves we’d get more active since polishing off the last tin of Celebrations in January – but when the weather is miserable it’s very difficult to drum up the motivation. So use the sunshine to get you geared up to get active. Go out for a run or a cycle, or make it a more social occasion by gathering up your friends for a game of football or roundersin the park. Or if that sounds a bit like to much effort, head to a cricket match and watch other play sport while you enjoy a drink and the sunshine.

What’s your favourite way to spend a sunny weekend? Comment below and let us know what you’re doing this weekend.

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