This Week We’re Talking About… The June Downpour

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June. It’s not been great so far, huh? The weather’s been terrible, Taylor and Calvin have called it a day and we can’t stop thinking about the next break we’re going on. However, there’s no need to despair! Take a peek at our top 7 things to do when English summertime just doesn’t happen…

1. Make a den, hide and pretend it’s not happening


Sometimes we all need to revert back to the peaceful days of den-building, watching old films and eating too much ice cream. Watch the rain trickle down the windows and feel smug as you nestle further into your make-shift cave.

2. Embrace the rain and go on a rainy short break


The rain doesn’t mean no fun! Head to somewhere you’ve never been before and embrace the culture (indoors, of course). Quirky museums across the UK include Teapot Island in Kent and The Pencil Museum in Keswick.

3. Bake a massive cake and organise a cake party with friends


Cake. Food of the Gods. Need I say more? If there’s a healthy amount of buttercream, you’re already onto a winner. Feeling generous? Invite your friends round and party like it’s 1999.

4. Sort out your house and feel proud


I know, I know – it’s super boring. However, the deluge of rain is the perfect excuse to crack all those jobs you’ve been putting off for months. Descaling the kettle, anyone?

5. Grab your wellies and splash in the puddles like no one’s watching


If there’s any time where acting like a child is a must, it’s during a rainstorm. Choose your favourite wellies (white with blue polka dots for me) and splash around until your heart’s content.

6. Enjoy a train ride and surprise a loved one with an impromptu visit


The wind is beating against the train window, the rain is sliding down the panes and there’s a chill in the air. Nothing is more atmospheric than a train journey in bad weather! Hop on at your nearest station and surprise a loved one with a visit to somewhere you both cherish.

7. Admit defeat and visit the much sunnier Scotland or Ireland instead


The rumours are true. Scotland and Ireland have been enjoying INCREDIBLE weather this week, and us here in England have been entirely jealous. The solution? Get yourself over there and soak up some of the sunshine yourself!

What are your plans during the bad weather? Let us know by leaving your comments in the box below! 

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