7 New Year Resolutions That Are Worth Sticking To

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As 2018 bids us farewell, it’s time to think about those all-important New Year resolutions and goals for 2019. Ever wanted to run a marathon? Or learn how to make the perfect loaf of bread? Maybe you’ve always wanted to travel somewhere special but never got round to booking it. Whatever the reason, make 2019 your year with these top 7 New Year resolutions that are worth sticking to.

1. Meet up with friends more often

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Missing your mates? Fed up of the occasional phone call or text? Make 2019 the year of friendship by meeting up with loved ones more often in person. Plan a fun shopping break over a long weekend in a top UK city or perhaps indulge in a luxurious spa retreat. Not much time to spare? An afternoon tea always hits the spot.

2. Learn how to cook something that’s both healthy and delicious

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Over the winter it can be easy to fall back on bad habits when it comes to healthy eating. There’s heaps of chocolates around the house, there’s a mince pie in every nook and cranny and all you want for dinner is a huge plate of stew and dumplings (followed by pudding, of course). Whip the recipe book out or go on a fun cookery course instead and learn to cook something new that’s as healthy as it is delicious. Maybe it’s the fragrant noodle dish you tried on holiday the other year, or an inventive way to bake fish – whatever you make, enjoy it!

3. Travel somewhere new and exciting

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Look forward to a year of travelling and sightseeing by booking a spontaneous trip away. Maybe you’ve always wanted to sample the high-life in Dubai or visit the historic city of Rome. Ever wished to travel to Portugal for authentic dishes or Iceland for a glimpse of the Northern Lights? Now’s your chance!

4. Build up your exercise regime

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If you’re fed up of the occasional jog around the park or trip to the local gym, get involved with a new and engaging sport that’s really going to challenge you! Perhaps you’ve always wondered what the local Zumba club is like, or you’re determined to up your swimming game. It might even be exercise you can try at home, like hula-hooping or skipping. Sweatbands at the ready!

5. Carry out one random act of kindness every day

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When life is busy and stressful it’s often hard to remember the little things that can brighten someone’s day. While you’re juggling work, family life and personal commitments, how many times in a day can you say you’ve carried out a random act of kindness? Next time you’re out and about, compliment a stranger, help someone with directions or hold a door open for someone. Even a simple smile is enough to change someone’s day for the better.

6. Head to the West End to see a show

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It’s often at the top of bucket lists and we sure know why! The West End makes for a perfect day out with friends and no, you don’t have to be a traditional musical fan to enjoy a show! Productions like The Book of Mormon and Matilda have broken the mould over recent years with their satirical and comedic take on the world of West End. In need of a classic? The Lion King and Wicked are sure to impress.

7. Learn a new skill

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Whether you’ve always wanted to try your hand at jewellery making or playing an instrument, 2019 is the year for new challenges! I’m braving swing dancing in the New Year (eep!), and joining a new social group is always an excellent idea. Alternatively, improve on a skill you already have – maybe you’re a novice gardener who wants to bloom in 2019 or an amateur actor who wishes to take centre stage. We have every confidence in you!

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