The Reykjavik Diaries: Part 2

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Guest Post by Lindsey Birch – following on from ‘The Reykjavik Diaries: Part 1’

Day Three

Ahh, the trip I was most looking forward to – The Blue Lagoon! There was lots of choice regarding packages and it was very well organised. When we got there it was very atmospheric and much larger than expected. I love that it was really warm and there was lots of nice touches, for example you could spend as much time as you liked in the lagoon (average was 2 hours). There was also regular buses back to Reykjavik which was handy.

After a busy day we went to explore the Old Town and harbour area which we really enjoyed. We loved the snow-capped mountains in the background!


Day Four

Today we went to a local swimming pool – what an experience! There was a huge heated pool with a series of hot tubs dotted around the place. Each hot tub had different, increasing temperatures which was a great experience even in the rain.  The entry fee was around £3.50. On the way back we decided to return to the harbour area, before having an early night for the early start the next day.


Day Five

We journeyed to the Langjökull Glacier and stopped at the hot springs along the way; the scenery again changing all the time. When we arrived at the Glacier we had the chance to add extra clothing and for no extra charge swap to a monster truck! It was snowing for the full day, and on entering the ice caves we were given crampons for walking and a guided tour.  We explored this tremendous cave system and it made for a totally different day out.

Overall, my experience of Iceland and its people was very positive. The country is filled with contrast; hot and cold, light and dark… no wonder it’s often described as the land of ice and fire! Even though it was cold and rainy most of the time, we had a fab break and can’t wait to explore the places and sights we didn’t have time to see at a later date.

Have you ever been to Reykjavik? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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