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One of the most notorious aspects of proposing to someone is choosing the ring.

Back in the 1930s, the diamond magnates ‘De Beers’ – who are well known for their marketing strategies – came up with an inspired strategy for ensuring that people spent lots of money on diamonds; they promoted the idea men have to spend two month’s salary on an engagement ring. The idea caught people’s imagination and it became an expectation in proposal etiquette.

However, this outdated “rule” is not necessarily a good guide to follow as it’s the result of clever marketing, nothing more. So, how much should you spend? What should you buy, and do you even need a ring in order to propose?


Many people are choosing not to spend their money on an expensive ring, Instead they’re investing heavily in the proposal itself; making sure the act of proposing is as perfect as possible, so their partner can cherish that memory rather than having a flashy ring to show off with no story behind it.

But whether you’re planning on spending thousands or anticipate being savvier with your money, there are a few things to bear in mind when shopping for the ring:


You’ll need to figure out your partner’s ring size. Trying to do this without tipping them off that you’re about to propose can be challenging!

You could be honest and ask her outright, or see if her friends/family know (but make sure they don’t spill the beans).

You could take one of her rings to your local jewellers and get them to size it for you.

Or, if your partner is a heavy sleeper, slip a bit of string over her finger as she sleeps and take a measurement from that!



Deciding on what style of ring to buy is daunting. There are so many to choose from!

Think about your partner’s personal style; are they glamorous? Do they tend to shop for vintage outfits, or is their taste more minimalist or contemporary?

Another option is to subtly search through her current jewellery, to see what she seems to prefer.

If you can’t find anything that hits the mark among jewellery retailers, another option is to get a ring designed and made.


Travelling with a Ring

If you’re planning on travelling to somewhere special to propose, you’re going to have to get through airport security without risking losing your newly purchased ring, or revealing the ring to your other half!

Fortunately, airport security are becoming increasingly adept at handling these situations as a spokesperson for Heathrow told us:

“Typically engagement rings won’t raise an alert in security – the only issue will be if a passenger’s luggage is searched. Our security officers are well-versed in assisting customers who have a gift or engagement ring in their luggage – a quiet word will give our team the heads up, enabling the search to proceed without the person’s other half finding out.”

Once you’ve got the right ring, you need the perfect proposal idea! We’ve built an interactive proposal planner to help you come up with something they’re guaranteed to say yes to!

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