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There’s plenty to do in the City of Lights, but sometimes it’s tricky to decide whether to stick to the well-known favourites or go off the beaten track to experience some of the capital’s hidden gems… Well, now you can do both, with our handy guide!

Eiffel Tower → Tour Montparnasse

What’s better than the view from the Eiffel Tower? A view with the Eiffel Tower included in it! Scrap the crowds and head to Tour Montparnasse for unrivalled views across the city from up high (as seen above).  The skyscraper measures in at an impressive 210 metres, and offers visitors a panoramic viewing deck on the 56th floor.

Notre Dame → Basilica of Saint Denis

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Most people’s Paris must-see list includes the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral, and we can’t blame them – the architecture and the surrounding area is stunning. However, there’s also plenty of other fascinating landmarks and buildings to discover in the city. One of the best is the towering Basilica of Saint Denis, which is often referred to as the ‘royal necropolis of France’ due to the frequent burials of French royalty and their families for centuries. Although the bodies were removed during the French Revolution, the effigies of many kings and queens remain on intricate cavader tombs.

The Louvre → Musée d’Orsay

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Even if you’ve never visited Paris before, you’re sure to have heard of The Louvre! The famous museum with its iconic glass pyramid has become synonymous with fine art and culture in France’s capital since 1793, and houses iconic pieces including Mona Lisa and Venus De Milo. For similarly fascinating exhibitions and installations, pay a visit to the Musee d’ Orsay. As well as world-class artwork, the museum is also home to a stimulating and cosmopolitan musical programme.

Moulin Rouge → Paradis Latin

Live it up in the Moulin Rouge or head to Paradis Latin for a memorable night out – both are well worth a visit! The Moulin Rouge has been a popular cabaret venue since the 19th century, and is best known for being the spiritual birthplace of the iconic can-can dance. At Paradis Latin visitors can expect a wealth of entertainment throughout the day, from innovative lunch shows to risque dinner events.

Ladurée → Scaramouche

Everyone’s heard of Ladurée… they are the home of the humble Parisian macaron, after all.  But, no matter how tasty they might be, the queues and hype might just put you off! If you’re looking for a cooler, more relaxed experience, head to Scaramouche. Serving fresh and uniquely flavoured ice creams and sorbets, the self-named ’boutique’ is a must-visit during your French adventure.

Palace of Versailles → Château de Fontainebleau

Versailles. It’s pretty impressive with its grandiose palace, lush manicured gardens, eclectic exhibitions and events which celebrate the very best in art and music. For even more grandeur and rich royal heritage, head to the beautiful Château de Fontainebleau, which boasts the title of being a sovereign residence for over 8 centuries. Guests can enjoy exploring the regal apartment buildings, including 2 of Marie Antoinette’s luxurious boudoirs, 4 awe-inspiring museums and 3 opulent galleries, amongst other points of interest.

Galeries Lafayette → Les Puces de Saint-Ouen

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The glitz and glamour of Galeries Lafayette will never get old, but sometimes seeing all the hefty price tags attached to the luxury handbags, shoes and accessories can be a bit overwhelming. Enter Les Puces… one of the most well-loved and budget-friendly flea markets in the city, which is open every weekend as well as Mondays. Snap up a vintage or antique find and still have change left… that’s the kind of shopping we’re on board with!

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