Turn Up The Heat or Keep It Cool: Take The Summer Short Break Quiz

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Is your ideal summer holiday all about catching some rays or venturing off to explore fascinating natural wonders? Would you rather spend your summer break taking in amazing city sights or living it up in 5* luxury? Whatever you LOVE to do on your summer getaway there’s a destination out there perfect for you. Take the test and discover if you prefer spending your summer turning up the heating or keeping it cool.

1. Which best describes your personality?

A. Nature lover

B. Culture vulture

C. Beach bum

D. Cosmopolitan darling


2. Which activity would you most like to do?

A. Whale watching out at sea

B. Taking in the city sights

C. Soaking up the sun on a sandy beach

D. Off-roading on a desert safari


3. What’s your preferred item of footwear?

A. Walking boots

B. Trainers

C. Bare foot

D. Sandals


4. Your ideal breakfast would be…

A. Wholesome porridge

B. Hearty fry-up

C. Continental

D. Fresh Fruit


5. Your favourite time of the day is…

A. Bright and early

B. Pre-lunch brunch

C. Afternoon delight

D. After dark


6. Which is your beverage of choice?

A. Fresh mountain spring water

B. Fizzy orange Irn Bru

C. Cheeky Sex on the Beach

D. Exotic fruit juice


7. What’s your favourite book genre?

A. Fantasy

B. Comedy

C. Romance

D. Mystery


8. How hot can you handle your food?

A. Pass me the milk!

B. Tasty but mild

C. Sweet chilli heat

D. Super-duper hot


9. What’s your preferred holiday wardrobe?

A. Everything must be waterproof

B. Trendy and comfy rolled into one

C. Bikini, sarong, shades – done!

D. Luxury designer outfits


10. Your perfect short break style would be…

A. Adventurous

B. Cultured

C. Laidback

D. Sophisticated


To find out which destination is the ideal place for your summer break this year, simple work out if you answered mostly A, B, C or D.



A. Mostly A’s: You’re Reykjavik, Iceland!

You love keeping it cool during the summer months, and what better way to do so than embarking on an outdoor adventure in Iceland. With nearly 20hrs of light per day, you’ll love cramming in all those exciting activities from whale watching and sea-fishing to horse-back riding and thermal pool swimming! Complete with your super-practical wardrobe, handy travel kit and a burning desire to see the world’s greatest natural sights, Reykjavik is the perfect place to release your wildly adventurous side.



B. Mostly B’s: You’re Edinburgh, UK

The British summer never gets you down when you’re a city sightseeing pro like you. Packing for all weathers, you love making the most of your short break with plenty of culture and heritage thrown in. A trip to Edinburgh is your ideal destination with tonnes to see and do at Holyrood Palace, Edinburgh Castle and Princes Street Gardens. You love trying out new cuisines too, so don’t forget to sample the local haggis, as well as the occasional can of Irn Bru.





C. Mostly C’s: You’re Algarve, Portugal

Turn up the heat and put on the shades, your ideal getaway begins and ends with the sun. With beautiful beaches, endless cocktails and of course, plenty of dedicated sunbathing time, the Algarve is the perfect place for you. Surrounded by beautiful scenery, you’ll love spending time exploring the stunning coastlines, as well as relaxing in the beautiful beaming sunshine. There’s nothing quite like bright blue skies, sand between your toes and a healthy glow to put a smile on your face this summer.




D. Mostly D’s: You’re Dubai, United Arab Emirates

You love it super-hot and super-classy on your summer break, so the city of Dubai is just your cup of tea! Offering a myriad of things to see and do, you’ll love indulging yourself in luxury and fine dining by night, and venturing off-road on a desert safari by day. With a passion for cosmopolitan vibes, you’ll feel right at home with plenty of exciting events, festivals and world-class entertainment going-on, as well as loving the dizzy heights of the amazing Burj Khalifa.



Which summer destination did you get? Reykjavik, Edinburgh, Algarve or Dubai?  Let us know using the comments box below!


5 responses to “Turn Up The Heat or Keep It Cool: Take The Summer Short Break Quiz

  1. Rebecca

    Edinburgh! Forever a culture vulture at heart. I wouldn’t mind a short break to the Algarve though – tempted this summer!

  2. Grom

    I was mostly B – Edinburgh! I love this place. Last visited for Hogmanay New Year festival and will definately go back again sometime. Wouldn’t mind Reykjavik either though.

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