Take a Bite Out Of… Iceland


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Iceland; synonymous with mind-blowing scenery, bubbling lagoons and, of course, the mysterious Northern Lights. But how’s the food scene in this Scandinavian wonderland? (Spoiler alert: pretty darn impressive) Take a peek at our foodie hotspots and take a big old bite out of Iceland!


The Laundromat Cafe

Breakfast is my favourite meal, and this place does not disappoint!! #iceland #brunch #dreams

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The Laundromat Cafe is the epitome of cool in the heart of Iceland’s capital, Reykjavik. Although they serve food throughout the day, you’ve just got to try the breakfasts! What’s more, their breakfasts (or should we say brunches) are served from 9am on a weekend (8am weekdays), so if you fancy a lie-in after a busy few days adventuring around Iceland you totally can. 

Top Pick: A ‘Clean Breakfast’ with fresh orange juice.

Le Bistro

Ooh la la! This little slice of France in Reykjavik’s bustling city centre is just perfect for an elegant breakfast meet with friends. Le Bistro seamlessly blends dishes from Iceland, UK and France to create fabulous flavours to suit every taste. And if you’re a cocktail kinda person, you’re in luck, as the restaurant serves an excellent selection of fizzy delights.

Top Pick: Brunch a la Francaise & Strawberry Pineapple Mimosa.

Kristjans Bakari Bakery and Cafe

Mmmmm ástarpungar #kristjansbakari

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Need a quick breakfast on the go? If you’re exploring the chic city of Akureyri as part of your Icelandic adventure, Kristjans Bakari is ideal for those whistlestop pastries and hot drinks.

Top Pick: A caramel sticky bun served with a steaming hot cup of coffee.


Svarta Kaffið

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First thing’s first, this place is AMAZING. Soup served in a crusty bread bowl – what’s not to like?! Although soup is delicious at any time of the day (especially in chilly Iceland), we’ve decided on recommending it for lunch as Svarta Kaffið gets busy. Fast. Be sure to get a cosy table with friends and order in some beers while you’re at it, they’re a lot cheaper than many other places in the capital.

Top Pick: The cafe has two soups a day (meat & veggie) – so take your pick and add a cool beer – cheers!

Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur

Hey, if it’s good enough for Bill Clinton and Kanye West…. Several members of Team Super Break have been to this exact hot dog stand and can certainly recommend them! Whether you’re into the classic combo of ketchup, mustard and crispy onions or prefer more alternative arrangements around your hot dog, Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur (translated as ‘The best hot dog in town’) will be waiting on the harbourside for your order.

Top Pick: A hot dog with ‘the works’ washed down by a cool soda.  


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For a taste of home in the heart of Akureyri, try Bautinn. Whether you fancy a juicy burger or a traditional fish dish, this popular restaurant is sure to impress. Trust us, with food this fresh, you’ll want to return again and again during your time in Northern Iceland.

Top Pick: Seafood Gratin with a cool glass of wine


Noa Seafood Restaurant

For a true taste of the sea head to Noa Seafood Restaurant in Akureyri. With an extensive menu serving everything from langoustine to rainbow trout, fish lovers will be in their element at this prime seafood hotspot. 

Top Pick: Catch of the Day served with a chilled white wine.

Restaurant Reykjavik

 Restaurant Reykjavik was a firm favourite during my own trip to Reykjavik and it’s easy to see why. Take your pick from a deliciously fresh seafood buffet or an elegant set menu and dine ’til your heart’s content. The restaurant also offers trendy views of the city centre, so get your cameras at the ready. 

Top Pick: Everything is delicious, seriously. As long as you try the lobster in some form, all is well. 


For a trendy meal in the heart of Reykjavik’s city centre try Fiskmarkadurinn (Fish Market). The food is simply stunning, in both taste and looks, and the restaurant makes for the perfect environment to enjoy some fine food with friends.

Top Pick: Smoked and grilled breast of puffin (if you dare!) & champagne



To say this place is a nightclub that closes at 3am (gulp), it’s surprisingly cosy! Head downstairs and find a seat near the piano and enjoy some good old-fashioned love music with a smooth beer to match.

Top Pick: Beer – any type you fancy! 


Just some of our selection. Come by Dillon to check out the rest A post shared by Dillon Whiskey Bar (@dillonwhiskeybar) on

Fan of whiskey? Then you’ll love Dillon! Swing by and try some premium whiskeys from across the world, all while enjoying live music and a classically grungy vibe.

Top Pick: Your favourite whiskey, or a new flavour… on or off the rocks.


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This cool little place is immediately welcoming due to its laid-back atmosphere and friendly staff. Hitch up a seat around the bar and work your way through their impressive cocktail menu – they’re delicious!

Top Pick: A Miss Piggy – it’s got butterscotch in it *drools*.

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