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Yes, it’s true! We love food! Especially as the winter seems to have finally stepped in… The cold weather is here as well as the long dark nights and what better way to beat the winter blues than a good hearty meal! Most of us here at Superbreak towers enjoy cooking and we all enjoy sharing a meal with our loved ones. We love nothing more than to find inspiration for new dishes, and even classics (in between selling fabulous short breaks, that is!). Everyone has their own top secret ingredients that make the difference between creating a culinary masterpiece or a kitchen nightmare. This is why we have made a selection of our favourite food blogs, who share great recipes and thanks to whom we have enjoyed some great meals. Together we will beat the winter blues

Now when it comes to an organised blog this one is a great example! Michelle at Greedy Gourmet has her recipes sorted by dish, cuisine, courses, cooking times and dietary requirements. I found this as I was in a hurry and found myself looking for inspiration on the web as I do! And this is how I found one of my new favourite starters or appetisers the ham and cheese tartlets. This is so simple and so quick, impress without stress! And I got some great feedback on them from friends who I have forwarded the recipe to and who have equally good feedback. A great recipe on a great blog!

Thanks to Goddessonabudget, you can make great food without having to spend too much. Thanks to Vanessa, a red haired, half Italian professional chef, make the most of some delicious recipes which, as she states, go along with her ‘champagne taste and beer money’ as her mother qualifies it! We very much enjoyed the Blue cheese and Broccoli quiche, a recipe you can find on her website, along with many others, a mixture of sweet and savoury. This is a simple but great recipe which comes with facts about all the different cheese varieties which are produced in the UK.

What is better than a good old pie on those cold nights? A pie? Yes you are right! We found a great pie recipe thanks to Katie at Feeding Two Boys and A Firefighter – tell us what you make of this sausage, cider and potato pie… I think the only thing that will come to mind is ‘YUM!”. I think, when you see the picture of this pie (which is what convinced me) you will happily (and rightfully) trust Katie, who is a freelance food writer and who has two boys and a fire fighter husband! I certainly did, and I don’t regret it.

A pie is a good old English culinary tradition but don’t push aside the delicious tarts that can be made! I found a good tart recipe thanks to Sarah at Maison Cupcake. It does make for a great meal on a cold winter evening, and although I haven’t yet tried this tart, it is next on my ‘to cook’ list. The picture Sarah has taken and shared of this pie makes it look simply delicious! Tarts are so quick to make and so easy to have either hot or cold with a salad or vegetables. This blog is another great one for inspiration and has recipes stored by categories, which makes it easy to navigate.

We like cheese. One night browsing around for a new macaroni cheese recipe, I found this great and easy macaroni cheese with baby leeks on Ren’s Fabulicious Food! blog. This recipe is so simple and so tasty I have made this a few times! And yes I have tried it with Salmon and Peas. Ren has a load of great recipes shared on her blog, which has now been going for just over a year! If you are a Mum, Ren has a very helpful tab called ‘fab food for kids’ which lists a few wonderful recipes that children will like!

What better to beat the blues than cheese and booze?! How about combining these into a three cheese fondue with champagne no less!? Well thanks to Cook Sister’s recipe you can! This is one I have yet to try, but my love of cheese and fondues has been nudging me to get myself a fondue set. I mean it will be made profitable over the winter months with cheese, oil and even chocolate fondues! This is also a great form of meal to get everyone together for a fun meal, which always entailed dares for those who lost their bread or meat at the end of the fondue fork… It makes for very entertaining evenings and great memories.

This Risi and Bisi recipe which I found on Helen’s Fuss Free Flavours blog was a great success. Did I mention that I love Italian food?! Well I do! And most of us at Superbreak do! This is a ‘risotto-eque’ as Helen calls it, dish which is simple to make and tastes delicious! It comprises two of my favourite Italian ingredients (parma ham and parmesan) in one of my favourite Italian dishes (Risotto)! What more could I ask for?! This blog is again full of wonderful recipes, and offers a price category for the recipes, which is very useful.

Who said booze is bad!? Thanks to Helen of helengraves for this great spice rum apple cake recipe. This cake went down a treat when my sister popped round for a cup of tea and a good chat. There is nothing like a feast with booze and with this cake you get them both, and not in excess!! Thumbs up for this website, which again has numerous recipes, but Helen is also sharing the spots that need to be visited.

What best to beat the long and cold winter nights than a good brownie to enjoy with a nice cup of Yorkshire tea! Well we have found a killer recipe thanks to Craig at Lyons Made. The bravo Brownies made my day a few weeks ago, when I was down and the early darkness was just starting and made a batch of these delicious brownies, some hot chocolate and sat in front of a good romcom and it made it all feel so much better! Try it, this is only one recipe amongst a lot of numerous good looking others, but I am sure you will find something for you on this site of pure foodie goodness!!

Chocolate Teapot has a few tricks up her sleeve! Whether you are looking for your favourite hotels’ or restaurants’ chocolate Christmas inspiration or simply a new recipe, I would recommend having a browse at this site. Most of these recipes are for sweet dishes, mainly desert or great tea time cakes! She makes everything seem very easy, like these white chocolate and strawberry centre Muffins, which I tried and failed since I forgot them in the over and got sidetracked. Have not tried again since, but I will. I really enjoyed this site and use it to find inspiration.

So here are a few of our favourite food blogs, which we hope you will enjoy and we are sure you will find it as difficult as us to choose from one to another. Have a browse through all of them and make sure you organise a dinner party a week for the next few years! Thanks again to all the bloggers mentioned for sharing these recipes and please keep them coming!

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  1. Ma’m, I’m new in cooking beglnai food for my husband & as im living in australia, mostly i call my mom back in Bangladesh for any kind of recipes,instructions. but as im a born hindu married to a christian (Foriegner who seems to love the bangladeshi cooking style!!), my mom cant help me out with beef recipes (Not that she knows i cook beef at home haha) anyway i was looking online for a beef liver bhuna recipe for the last 3 hours & only now I found ur blog & I have a feeling this will b very helpful! thank u so mch for blogging these wonderful recipes here & a special thanks to ur children who help u put these recipes on ur blog.Best wishes,R

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