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If you already follow us on our Facebook or Twitter pages, by now you’ll be used to keeping up to date with all of our latest products, short break inspiration, competitions and more. With social media continuing to boom, we’re really excited to tell you about two new ways you can interact with us online. You’ll be pleased to know we’ve now set up our Google+ (Google Plus) and Pinterest accounts!


Google+ is a new social media site created by Google that is quite similar to Facebook. It allows users to share pictures, links, videos and updates, and to create ‘circles’ from their followers, so it’s easier to control who sees what. For example, you might create a ‘work colleagues’ circle, for those you might not want to see pictures from your latest night out!

Our Google+ page is now set up, so add us to your circle of followers to keep up to date with our latest updates.


Already an online phenomenon, Pinterest is another new social media website based around inspiring images and videos. As a virtual scrap book, it allows users to create ‘boards’ to collect images together under a certain theme. For example, you could create a board dedicated to ‘Wedding Inspiration’ or ‘Places I’d love to go’.

Superbreak Pinterest

We’ve already started putting some boards together showcasing a range of our exciting products. If you’re a Pinterest user you can follow our Pinterest page now to see all of our latest inspiring images.

If you’d like to add our new social media pages to your online network, use the buttons below. What’s your favourite way of communicating online?


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