Summer sun? What summer sun?

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What is with this weather we’re having? I was promised by the Met Office to expect heatwaves all around and, okay, while that was true for a lot of June, somehow the summer has turned into the opposite of what it’s supposed to be: wet and dreary.

I know I’m not the only one who’s been affected by the weather – I’ve seen a lot of gloomy faces around the office and it hardly helps that the sun seems to only be coming out during the day on weekdays and disappearing as soon as Friday evening rolls around, never to be seen again until Monday morning.

The best thing about working in the travel industry is the fact that all of us have great summer holiday plans though, and the cloudy weather has got me dreaming about where I could be right now – and, although I definitely prefer holidays where I can explore cities and find out all of their little cultural secrets, right now I have to admit all I want is to be lying on a beach in the sun soaking up the heat and working on my tan.

But since it’s unlikely I’ll be allowed to go swanning off as I please (and besides, I’m heading up north soon!), I thought I’d write about some of the top spots I’d love to be right now if I wasn’t in the lovely Superbreak office.

Okay, so, anyone who reads my blog regularly will probably know that the sort of holidays I like are ones where I can learn lots of things about where I am – but that doesn’t mean I can’t do that on the beach – or near one anyway! I mean, a trip to Majorca might have many people thinking about sun, sea and sand – but to me it also spells out Soller, a charming, coastal town nestled deep in the mountains with amazing walks and breathtaking sights. And that’s not to mention the rickety train ride you can take from Soller to Palma, where you can watch miles of mesmerising countryside pass by on an old fashioned train.

Palma, Majora’s capital, has massive stretches of overwhelmingly gorgeous beaches too, and plenty of seaside cafés where you can relax in the sun whilst enjoying una cerveza grande – a litre-sized glass of Spanish beer.

Going a little further afield, I’d love to visit New Zealand – miles of beach, long days, sun, beautiful sea – and I could learn to surf! Okay, it looks like I’m not very good at laying back and relaxing on holiday, but I’d definitely love to be on the beach in a hot country right now, especially looking out of the window at the muggy drizzle we seem to have been blessed with herein the UK.

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