Stay Safe in The Sun: What’s in Your Travel First Aid Kit?

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Guest post with Soleve Sunburn Relief

Pharmacist Noel Wicks gives us his top tips

What’s in your travel first aid kit? Some plasters, bandages and pain killers? Perhaps you don’t even have one and take your chances when on holiday. As a pharmacist I often get asked by patients what they should take on holiday with them, and what they should keep in their medicine cupboard at home to deal with summer health complaints. Here are my recommendations:

soleve-blog-image-21. Sun cream

An essential ingredient for any first aid kit. Who knows when the sun is going to strike in the UK and it is definitely something you need when on holiday in sunny climates. Opt for a high SPF and decant some into a smaller bottle that can be popped into a first aid kit.

2. Sunburn relief

With the sun comes the risk of sunburn, anything from a slightly red face to full on sore to touch or move sunburn. Sunburn is never thought about until it happens, and once it does you reach for everything to try and calm it. Keep Soleve Sunburn Relief in your travel first aid kit for mild to moderate sunburn – It’s the only licensed medicine of its kind to combine the painkilling power of ibuprofen with a soothing moisturiser to rehydrate the skin. If your sunburn is severe seek medical attention.

3. Bites & stings

Holidays usually come hand in hand with some form of insect bite. Take precautionary measures by putting insect repellent in your first-aid kit and if you are heading to an area known for insect bites make sure it contains 50% DEET and if in a malaria area that you have your malaria tablets. Along with painkillers take some antihistamines tablets to help relieve the symptoms of insect bites or stings.

4. Painkillers

We are as likely to suffer from headaches and niggles on breaks, perhaps even more as we are more likely to be active, trying new things out and overindulging. Pack some painkillers like paracetamol and ibuprofen so they are at hand.

5. Flannel

This might not seem like an obvious one, but there are times on holiday that call for a cold compress. To help with mild sunburn, insect bites, to place across the head for headaches, to use against a sprained joint or to use for contagious eye related symptoms. Or simply to cool down.

6. Insurance

Not quite for inside your travel first-aid kit, but always make sure you have travel insurance for any trip. Otherwise you may face a hefty bill for medical treatment; that is sure to ruin your holiday!

Soleve Sunburn Relief is available in the sun care aisle from Boots, Sainsbury’s and independent pharmacists nationwide. So, if you are planning a trip abroad, consider packing it in your travel first aid kit just in case. Suitable for adults and children aged twelve and up. Contains Ibuprofen.

Always read the label. RRP £9.95 for 100ml







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