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With the New Year upon us and holiday booking season in full swing, we thought it was the perfect time to dig deep and fit out what British wanderlusters really want from a short break.

We’ve also revealed a few surprises about the way we book our holidays, with 56% of people surveyed saying the most influential factor when booking a short break is online reviews. So whether it’s TripAdvisor, travel bloggers, or even the recommendations submitted to our very own #SuperTips map, it looks like we’re all big fans of taking to the internet to decide on our next trip.

When it comes to locations, the results revealed the most popular destinations at home and abroad. For UK staycations, London, Cornwall, The Lake District and Yorkshire were named the favourites, whilst Spain, the USA, Italy and France were the top overseas destinations for a getaway.

London and Edinburgh proved popular with under 25s, whilst the older generation favoured a more tranquil setting, with most naming Dartmoor or Yorkshire as their UK destination of choice.

When it comes to splashing the cash though, the older generation proved to be far more spendy, and were more likely to take at least one holiday every year over the last decade. The same can’t be said for 25-34 year old millennials though, and only 22% of this age group can afford to follow in their grandparents’ and parents’ footsteps and take a holiday every year.

These aren’t the only discoveries we made though; check out our infographic for the rest…

For all you data lovers, here are the results in plain text…

Most Popular Overseas Short Break Destinations:

  1. Spain (40%)
  2. USA (19%)
  3. Italy (18%)
  4. France (17%)

Most Popular UK Short Break Destinations:

  1. London
  2. Cornwall
  3. The Lake District
  4. Yorkshire

Who Goes Where?

  • London and Edinburgh most popular cities for under 25s
  • Dartmoor and Yorkshire most popular with older generation

What’s the Biggest Influence When Booking a Holiday?

  1. Online reviews (56%)
  2. Word of mouth (42%)
  3. Travel guides (34%)

Why Do People Choose a Tour Operator?

  • “I feel safer booking with them”
  • “They can save me time”
  • “They can save me money”

Age vs. Annual Holidays

  • 75% of Baby Boomers have taken at least one holiday every year for the last decade
  • Only 22% of 25-34 year olds can afford to do the same

Number of Holidays: Women vs. Men

  • Women are less likely than men to go away on holiday
  • More than half of all women surveyed won’t be taking a long holiday this year
  • Nearly 60% of men will be taking at least one two week trip abroad this year

Which UK City Takes the Most Holidays?

  • People in Coventry take the most two week holidays
  • People in Birmingham take the most one week breaks

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