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Who’s in the mood for some winter romance? We are! It may be cold and drizzly outside, but I urge you to embrace the weather, get wrapped up and see the world’s most romantic destinations at winter. As it’s one of our favourite European destinations, I’m going to dedicate this post to the lovely city of Bruges. A truly romantic destination, a short break in Bruges is the ideal place to share the love this winter…d’aww.

Pretty twinkling lights at Bruges’ Market Square
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With idyllic walks along the pretty canal banks, memorable rides in horse-drawn carriages and a superb selection of gourmet restaurants to choose from, Bruges has everything you want from a romantic break. A historic medieval city, Bruges is every bit as charming as you might imagine it to be, but during the winter months is when it really begins to shine. As the summer visitors disappear, the city transforms into a mysterious and poetic winter paradise with plenty of history and culture to offer.

Discovering old bridges and historic buildings is just a small part of what Bruges has to offer. Hand in hand, you can stroll endlessly through the picturesque streets admiring the enchanting canals and soaking up the unique fairy-tale-like atmosphere. One of the most charismatic places in the city is the beautiful area of Bonifaciusbridge and Arentshof. With striking architecture, fascinating pieces of art, and an array of tall trees and secluded benches, this area is a must see for romance seekers in Bruges. Offering spectacular views of the Church of Our Lady and Gruuthuse Palace, its a great little spot for enjoying the city’s sights and sounds.

Canal in Bruges
Beautiful skyline over one of the famous canals in Bruges

Gruuthuse Palace is a stunningly beautiful attraction in its own right. With an impressive courtyard bordering the canals, the 15th century city palace shows-off the historic medieval splendour Bruges once had. Towering over the palace courtyard stands the 122 metre high Church of Our Lady, an outstanding piece of architecture displaying a treasured art collection and Michelangelo’s famous Madonna and Child. Wandering past these awe-inspiring historical sights in Bruges offers the perfect backdrop to your romantic getaway.

Famed for their local delicacies, Bruges is the ideal place to discover a range of culinary delights, including their world-famous Belgian chocolate. There are more than 50 passionate chocolatiers in the city making it the best place to sample delicious Belgium treats. A favourite of the locals in Bruges is The Old Chocolate House, a family run chocolate shop situated in the heart of the city. Offering the finest range of home-made truffles and chocolate pralines, this authentic chocolate shop is a chocoholics dream.

Bruges Central Canal
The central canal in Bruges lit up at night time

For a truly unforgettable romantic experience, you can enjoy a carriage ride through the historic streets of Bruges. Wrapped up with a cosy blanket with your loved one by your side, it’s one of the most romantic ways to explore the city. Visitors can also take to the water for a tranquil boat ride on Bruges’ famous canals. Offering you a new perspective of the city, a canal trip in Bruges is another truly romantic way to get around the city.

My top tip for romancers on a short break is to make sure you visit Minnewaterpark in the southern part of Bruges. Here you’ll find the Lake of Love called Minnewater, where the tragic romance of Minna and her love Stromberg is set. The story created a local legend in Bruges saying you will experience eternal love if you walk over the lake bridge with your partner. What better way to end a romantic break in Bruges?

Have you ever being to Bruges on a romantic trip? Or perhaps you know of some more alternative romantic destinations? Let us know using the comments box below.

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