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Source: The Mirror

With less than a month to go not a day goes past with out some details of the Royal Wedding splashed across the papers. People are coming up each day with unique ways to commemorate this huge day, some are knitting the Royal Wedding, others are buying limited edition Oyster Cards or a tea towel, but for visitors of Legoland they can visit Buckingham Palace and witness the day for themselves.

Legoland which reopens on Friday has created a mini “Buckingham Palace” with the couple sharing a kiss in front of a cheering crowd. The miniature couple are joined by a Lego version of a pregnant Victoria Beckham and Sit Elton John among others. This display marks the 15th anniversary of Legoland and will sure to draw huge crowds when the park reopens on Friday.

Hundreds of people are expected to line the streets of London to celebrate the huge event on the 29 April and many more worldwide are expected to watch the day as it unfolds on TV. Kate is expected to arrive at Westminster Abbey in a 1997 Rolls-Royce and after the ceremony the couple will return to Buckingham Palace in a 1902 horse drawn carriage.

The Royal day has been announced as a bank holiday allowing everyone the opportunity to commemorate the day. Some lucky people have been quick to get the most out of the weekend, which falls only days after the Easter break, giving an unusual double bank holiday.

What are your plans for the double bank holiday?

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