QUIZ: Which Christmas Shopping Destination Are You?

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Christmas is a great excuse for doing fun stuff we wouldn’t normally do the rest of the year. From eating an over-whelming amount of goodies and wearing silly jumpers to decorating your house from top to bottom – it’s all part of getting into the festive spirit.

And let’s not forget about the madness that is… Christmas shopping. Finding those all-important gifts for your loved-ones is essential at Christmas time. To help you pick the perfect Christmas shopping destination, we’ve put together this handy festive quiz.

Find out which destination is your ideal place for a spot of Christmas shopping this winter by answering the questions below…


1. What’s your favourite festive treat?

a. Traditional festive biscuits

b. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate

c. A Christmassy Yule log

d. Sweet candy canes


2. Your ideal shopping trip would include…

a. Quirky boutiques

b. Market stalls

c. Designer shops

d. Department stores


3. Christmas is for…

a. Partying all night long

b. Eating too many chocolates

c. Donning new sparkly outfits

d. Watching feel-good movies


4. On a short break, you’re most likely to be found…

a. Snapping pics of historical buildings

b. Lapping up the cultural sights

c. Cramming in all the best attractions

d. Heading out to a theatre show


5. You’re on a shopping trip. What are you most likely to buy…?

a. A wooly scarf for the winter months

b. Sweet treats for you and your friends

c. New shoes for an upcoming night out

d. A souvenir to remember your day


6. Your favourite Christmas tale is…

a. A Christmas Carol

b. The Elves and The Shoemaker

c. The Nutcracker

d. Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer


7. Which short break activity sounds most appealing…

a. Exploring old haunts in an ancient castle

b. Embarking on a fascinating walking tour

c. Wining and dining at a gourmet feast

d. Reaching great heights for a beautiful view


8. Which Christmas carol will you be singing this winter?

a. Away in a Manger

b. O Christmas Tree

c. The First Noel

d. Jingle Bells


9. Your ideal shopping break lunch would be…

a. Deep-fried pizza and a can of Irn Bru

b. Fresh garlic mussels and fries

c. Savoury ham and cheese crepe

d. Meaty sub sandwich with plenty of pickle


To Find Out Which Destination Is The Perfect Place For You To Enjoy A Christmas Shopping Break This Winter, Simply Work Out If You Answered Mostly A, B, C Or D.


Photo Credit: Chris Fleming via Compfight cc

Mostly A’s: Your Christmas Shopping Destination is Edinburgh

With its iconic hilltop castle and cultural festivals, Edinburgh is your answer to a cultural break with plenty of Christmas shopping too! You love variety; hopping from department stores and stylish boutiques to traditional festive markets, making the Scottish Capital an obvious choice for you.

When you’ve finished splashing the cash, you’re ready for fun with a festive show at the theatre or a Hogmanay street party!




Mostly B’s: Your Christmas Shopping Destination is Brussels

You like your festive traditional markets as much as you love your Belgium chocolate, making Brussels your perfect Christmas shopping destination. You can’t resist a magical atmosphere when you’re browsing for presents, and that’s just what you’ll find in Brussels this Christmas. Complete with an ice-skating rink and a sky-high Ferris wheel, this is one winter wonderland you won’t forget in a hurry.


paris-christmas-shoppingMostly C’s: Your Christmas Shopping Destination is Paris

Christmas and romance go hand in hand for you, so when it comes to festive shopping you’re heading to Paris. From quirky markets full of gourmet goodies to ultra-chic boutiques brimming with designer delights, shopping in the fashion capital was made with you in mind. As a stylish trendsetter who loves a spot of retail-therapy and exploring the sights, you’ll make both finding the perfect Christmas gift in Paris and climbing the Eiffel Tower a priority this winter.


new-york-christmas-shoppingMostly D’s: Your Christmas Shopping Destination is New York

Only the ultimate Christmas shopping trip will only do for you, and where better than the Big Apple itself? You love how New York City radiates festive spirit in the winter and would love to ice-skate under the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree even more! Window-shopping at all the famous department stores sounds like a dream to you with Macy’s at the top of your list for some serious retail therapy this Christmas.

Which Christmas shopping destination did you get? Perhaps you could recommend other destinations perfect for doing your Christmas shopping? Let us know by filling out the comment box below.

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