Pamper with a festive spa break…

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The token Christmas gift: for some it’s a badly patterned woolly jumper, for others a pair of novelty socks or some miscellaneous toiletries, sprays or ‘smellies’.

Even though most Christmas gift toiletries are likely to remain un-opened on the bathroom shelf, I suppose disappointed recipients can take heart that they’re well-wished a relaxing soak or some self-indulging ‘me time’ far off from the stresses of the Christmas season.

Though, it’d be so much nicer to swap those disappointing ‘smellies’ for a relaxing pamper day at a luxurious spa (hint hint, mother dearest!).
While escaping from the bickering relatives, turkey-basting or present-wrapping is sure to be a gift in itself, a stress-relieving massage or indulgent beauty treatment is sure to be utter bliss.

And as a spa gift is bound to be just the thing for over worked mums, aunts, grans, wives, sisters or girlfriends – gifting a pamper day is sure to be relaxing for a present-buyer too, as you’ll be able to chill-out knowing you’ve got it just right!

So forget scented toiletries, petal-infused soaps, sweet-smelling scrubs and perfumes this Christmas and pamper yourself or your loved ones with a spa break or spa day gift package.

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