Madeira: The Heart of Madeira Tour

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If you’re thinking of heading to Madeira with us later this year in October 2018, then there’s no better time to book. Lush landscapes, beautiful majestic mountains & a subtropical climate… we couldn’t ask for more!

With a range of extras to add to your trip in Madeira, make sure you take advantage of the incredible “Heart of Madeira” tour, taking you to the stunning Nuns Valley (Curral das Freiras) & Monte Village which is perched just above Funchal city.

The escorted minibus will pick you up directly from Pico Dos Barcelos and take you on an adventure through the very best of the island. As you travel up through the mountains to the beautiful Curral das Freiras, you’ll find that your head is literally in the clouds! Views like this = serious holiday envy…

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As you journey on through the “Heart of Madeira” tour, your tour guide will take you to Eira do Serrado and Paredao viewpoints which are situated just about Nuns Valley itself. They both offer some incredible views of Curral das Freiras’ unique landscape… As you look down on Curral das Freiras, you’ll see the small village that’s nestled in between the two majestic mountains which tower above.

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With a rich history going back as far as 1566, there’s so much to learn at Nuns Valley – Funchal was attacked by pirates back then so the nuns of Santa Clara had to flee the area and found sanctuary in this deep valley…

Since then, Nuns Valley has become one of the most popular tourist spots across Madeira with the locals having an annual celebration every year – they call this the ‘Chestnut Festival’ because of the abundance of chestnuts in the area… they use them in almost everything from soup to alcohol! The festival is an exciting celebration of food, music & good old Madeira wine.

Once you’ve taken in the awe-inspiring views of Nuns Valley, you’ll then head to Monte Village which is sat just above Funchal city – it’s a tropical paradise known for its beautiful Palace and gardens which are drenched in bright green plants & vibrant vegetation. Offering views of Funchal city below, a trip up here is an absolute must-do when you’re on the island of Madeira!

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With visits to both the Nuns Valley & Monte Village on the agenda with the “Heart of Madeira” tour, this is a great addition to any break in Madeira.


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