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We all know that the way to tell it’s nearly Christmas is when you hear the first jingle of the bells on “The Holidays are Coming” Coca-Cola Christmas Advert. The giant red truck covered in Christmas lights has been a staple part of Christmas advertising for many years but this year is extra special, as its coming to a town near you!

The Coca Cola truck will be heading to York on the 4th of December and people visiting York Hotels to enjoy York’s Festive Fayre on the 3 – 18 December will be able to see the Coca-Cola truck in all its glory. We are based in York and the announcement of the truck coming to the city centre has already sent a huge buzz around the office. 🙂

If you are on a short break in Glasgow you will be able to see the truck as it visits Glasgow ASDA and Morrison’s on the 24 November and anyone enjoying the Christmas Market in Plymouth will be able to join in on the 20 November, as well as this the truck will be passing through.

You can check the Coke site to see exactly where the truck is heading but it seems if you are planning on a short break before Christmas season the truck will never be too far away.

Will you be looking out for the Coca-Cola truck?

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