Welcome to Hogwarts – A Harry Potter Studio Tour Review

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The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour

Following her recent trip to the Warner Bros. Studios to see The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour, Mandy at Time Out 2 Enjoy, one of our partners, was so amazed by her visit she decided to write a quick review for our blog readers. Here’s what she thought of the tour…

“What an evening! My husband and sons are all Harry Potter fans having read the books and seen some but not all of the films because they are still young. I am not a reader by nature so I am not quite so ‘in’ to the Harry Potter phenomenon. That said, we were all excited at the prospect of visiting the Warner Bros. Studios and we were not disappointed! It was as good as everyone had told us and the boys have been talking about it non-stop since.

From the minute we arrived through to the end of the tour it really was a super experience. Like all good stories, the scene was set and then we began our tour with those famous words, ‘Welcome to Hogwarts’. The doors opened and we walked in to the Great Hall – breath taking!

From then on we were quickly absorbed into the world of Harry Potter – not knowing where to look first with so much to take in! The boys were engrossed in collecting stamps for their Hogwarts passports and spotting golden snitches hidden around the exhibits.


The Harry Potter Studio Tour is a delight for all ages, very well laid out and with an easy pace. The exhibits are truly exceptional but what was so interesting was to learn how they brought the books to life and created their ‘magical’ films. We flew on broomsticks and in the Ford Anglia from the second film and were amazed at the scale of the production and the attention to detail.

All in all it was a truly memorable trip that was well worth making. Allow yourself around 3 hours for the tour as you find yourself not wanting to miss out on anything! I would definitely recommend a visit.”

Have you visited the Warner Bros. Studios yet? What did you think of The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour?

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