Four Football Teams and a Royal Wedding???

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Posted by Matt

No this is not a Guy Ritchie remake of Four Weddings and a Funeral, this is the logistical nightmare London is faced with in the wake of the Royal Wedding announcement. Prince William and Kate Middleton are set to get married in London on Friday 29April 2011 and although this means an extra bank holiday for us hard workers (woo!) it also means a big clash with 2 crucial Premier League games.

On the day after the Royal Wedding the London derby between Chelsea and Tottenham will be taking place at Stamford Bridge whilst Arsenal play host to Manchester United at the Emirates. With 4 of England’s top Premier League football teams all playing in London the day after the Royal Wedding, the city will be bursting at seems with tourists from around the world.

To deal with this issue the FA and Premier League are already looking at moving one of the 2 big games to the Sunday, but is this fair? Moving a big match can have a big impact on a team, especially if it means an extra days rest for one team and not another.

Also, given the fact that the Premier League is the most watched sporting league in the world perhaps it is the wedding that should change dates. Big Premier League matches, such as Man U v Arsenal, are watched by over 150 million people in over 200 countries. Can the Royal Wedding pull in those kind of viewing numbers?

So what do you think? Which comes first; football or the Royal Wedding? Any of you fancy going to the Royal Wedding on Friday and sticking around for the football on Saturday?

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