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As nice as Europe is, sometimes you just need a break that’s a little slice of home away from home! Take a peek at our Europe to UK destination switch and discover pastures new!

Barcelona → Brighton

Ahh, sun… sea… sangria. All of that luxury needn’t always be in Spain! Take a relaxing break in Brighton and enjoy the same atmosphere that Barcelona has to offer. Look forward to plenty of culture, food and miles upon miles of golden beaches!

Paris → York

Fine patisserie, ornate buildings and a truly romantic atmosphere – three things that Paris and York certainly have in common! If you want a little slice of heaven not too far away from home, switch your usual Paris jaunt for a traditional Yorkshire offering.

Budapest → Bath

Fancy a spa break with delicious food and enviable views? While Budapest is renowned for all of these things, Bath is most certainly the UK equivalent! Pay a visit to the iconic Roman Baths and relax in the sunshine (fingers crossed).

Rome → Cambridge

Rome might be home to some of the most impressive buildings in the world, but Cambridge is a surefire contender too! Laze around on a punting boat, marvel at the intricate architecture or take pictures of the iconic university.

Berlin → Belfast

Wanting that cultural vibe without the long journey and passport hassle? Swap a trip to Berlin for an exciting break to Belfast! Explore the best of what the Northern Ireland capital has to offer and note the similarities between the city and its German counterpart.

Killarney → Loch Lomond


Killarney certainly looks very picturesque, but it’s such a long way away! Sate your craving for spectacular views with a trip to Loch Lomond instead, the perfect Scottish equivalent!

Have you ever travelled to any of our European or UK switch destinations? Let us know by using the comments box below!

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