Eastern Europe City Break, Part 1 – Prague & Krakow

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Bags packed and passport in hand, I was ready. Ready for an Eastern European adventure like no other. In just a small space of time and on a limited budget, I planned to cram some of Eastern Europe’s finest city destinations into one trip. Can it be done I hear you ask? Quite simply…yes!


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First stop Prague, Czech Republic.

Arriving early afternoon, we ditched the bags and headed straight for the Old Town Square in the heart of Prague. Using the handy local tram service, we found it really easy to navigate our way from the hotel to the key tourist spots in the city. With the sun shining and my camera ready to go, we explored the many iconic streets and buildings that make Prague such a historically beautiful city.

The striking architecture reflects the Gothic period of the 14th century, making for a bizarre fairy-tale-like atmosphere. Curiously spectacular buildings like the Týn Church, the Old Town Hall Tower and the fascinating Astronomical Clock sit within the square and I can honestly say, I found them all truly mesmerising.

There’s definitely no shortage of atmosphere around the centre of Prague. Stepping out onto the Charles Bridge, its every man for themselves trying to get the perfect snapshot across the Vltava River. Leading to the Lesser Town, we discovered more enchanting architecture at Prague Castle with spectacular views of the city and the iconic red roofs of Prague. Watching the sunset over this beautiful city was the perfect way to end my first whirlwind city tour of the trip.

Now to discover what Poland has to offer in the country’s second largest city, Krakow.

I never thought I’d ever take a city break to Poland, but now that I have I would definitely do it again. Dating back to the 7th century, Krakow is a diverse energetic city with plenty of culture and history to offer. And the food’s not bad either!

On our first day in the city we opted for an early morning bike tour, perfect for beating the summer heat and a great way to learn about Krakow’s colourful history in just a short space of time. Leisurely riding through the medieval market square past the spectacular St Mary’s Basilica and historic Wawel Castle was an inspiring experience and loads of fun too!

The food in Krakow was definitely a highlight for me. Good hearty, wholesome dishes are the essence of Polish cuisine and I couldn’t wait to start sampling. My favourite meal of the trip consisted of beef goulash served in a bowl made of bread. I also enjoyed the Polish speciality pierogi, dumplings stuffed with meat…it may sound pretty ordinary, but it was amazing! Feeling content, we left the food behind and embarked on another city tour, this time of Krakow’s best nightlife spots to sample Poland’s finest Vodkas…let’s just say a good night was had by all! With the previous night’s indulgence still looming over us, we set off for our final destination.

Find out what I got up to in Budapest in Part 2 of my Eastern European adventure break…coming soon! Will the final part of my trip end on a high in the capital city of Hungary? 


2 responses to “Eastern Europe City Break, Part 1 – Prague & Krakow

  1. Vandana Sharma

    I am planning to visit Prague and Krakow. I came across some beautiful itineraries. Do check it out. I am sure I will fall in love with the place.

    • Jess

      Hi Vandana! Thanks for your comment. Hope this post helped you with your plans to visit Prague and Krakow. They are amazing places! If you need any more help planning your trip feel free to ask our expert Hayley.

      Thanks! Jess 🙂

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