Do you know your Patron Saint?

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St David's Day

Across the UK and Ireland people celebrate their nationality with a day of festivities and parades. Embracing national traditions and displaying emblems of their country the Patron Saint days are a time to celebrate who you are and where you have come from. With March fast approaching Wales will be getting ready to celebrate St David’s Day. St David’s Day Festival Week 25 February – 6 March 2011 will take place in Cardiff and will include changing of the guard at Cardiff castle, a parade through Cardiff and a celebration of Welsh music by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales.

St Patrick's Day

The 17th March is one of the biggest Patron Saint Days worldwide with huge parades taking place across America, Australia, the UK and of course Ireland. St Patricks Day is a chance for Irish and Irish descendents across the world to celebrate their Irishness and embrace all that it means to them. In the UK there are big parades in Birmingham, Manchester and London’s Trafalgar Square.

St George's Day

The 23rd April is England’s National Day and time to celebrate St George. Famed for the slaying of the dragon and medieval legends St George holds a mythical quality for the English. The day will be celebrated across England with celebrations taking place in Bristol, Birmingham and across many villages and towns. London will hold an event in Trafalgar Square with live bands, food stalls and performers. The day is also a celebration of one of England’s greatest playwrights, Shakespeare and there will be additional events at the Globe in London and a host of Shakespeare related festivities in Stratford-upon-Avon.

St Andrew's Day

Scotland’s National Day is much later in the year with St Andrews Day falling on the 30th November. The day was made an optional public by Scottish Parliament so may Scots will take the day off work to celebrate their heritage. Events usually take place in Edinburgh’s St. Andrew Square and cultivate a range of free events known as the St. Andrew’s Do

What are you doing for your National Day? Will you be joining in any parades or flying your national flag?

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