Cow exploding or cheese rolling? I don’t think I’d enjoy either…

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Posted by Sarah

I’ve just been reading this piece on the Guardian website about a new attraction on the Mexico-US border. Apparently, you can pay to experience what it’s like to sneak into the United States illegally! They’ve got actors pretending to be migrants and border guards too – it sounds completely crazy. I think it’s important to realise how much these people go through to escape poverty but I’m not sure that I would call it a “tourist attraction” exactly. It doesn’t sound very entertaining!

Sort of related to this, I remember reading something last year about people in Cambodia being able to pay money to fire rocket launchers at cows. I think I’d lump both those “attractions” in the same kind of morbid fascination genre, and I really don’t think I have the stomach for either of them. But it did get me thinking – do we have anything similar on offer here in the UK?

I’ve used a combination of research and memory, and all the wacky attractions I can think of in Britain seem completely tame by comparison. My favourite is the annual cheese rolling competition down Coopers Hill in Brockworth, near Gloucester. I love the idea of people wheeling these huge round cheddars down a grassy hill, although I do hear it’s pretty dangerous and it seems an awful waste of tasty cheese.

Haggis hurling looks great fun too, though I’ve never tried it firsthand and it usually only happens in Scotland. Apparently, you usually just stand on top of a whisky barrel and just hurl the haggis as far as you can! And the great Christmas Pudding Race in Covent Garden in London – organised on behalf of Cancer Research – looks totally bonkers as well.

I’m not sure these are really in the same league as mock illegal border crossing or cow exploding, though. I might just start keeping a list of crazy attractions that I hear about, and publish a top ten sometime in the next few months. Will keep you posted – and any suggestions are definitely welcome.

2 responses to “Cow exploding or cheese rolling? I don’t think I’d enjoy either…

  1. Ray

    Hey Sarah
    Cheese Rolling is great fun, but only when done in Stilton
    They dont really roll cheeses, they are actually now pieces of Telegraph pole painted white.
    The races are between two teams, often in fancy dress, and always after a good session in the pub.
    Stilton is just off The A1 south of Peterborough.
    Give it a try.
    Its a Wicked day out

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