Country Roamer: Trying out the countryside in beautiful Dartmoor

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Meet Rachel… she’s one of our fabulous runners-up for the SuperBreak Travel Writer Competition 2014 winning the Country Roamer title and £50 SuperBreak Vouchers! We loved her entry on a countryside break in Dartmoor so much, we just had to share.

“Step one of being a country roamer, is find a lovely big country house to stay in. Preferably one with a roaring fire, large king size bed and breakfast provided. Welcome to Dartmoor .

Start with a lovely cup of warming tea in front of fire. Great work, you’re fitting right in in the country.

Head out to the local country pub. It might be a cool autumnal night, but there’s a fire in there too, warming Devonshire ales and delicious game pie. Settle in for the evening, the locals are friendly. Make sure you take your torch with you though, its dark out there. Look up and see the stars as you walk home. Without street lights, the sky is full of constellations.


After a glorious night’s sleep in a giant soft bed, awake to delicious homemade granola and Devon’s best fry up with local sausages and bacon. Wash down with freshly squeezed juice and large mugs of tea.
Blue skies and frost await you as you decide to truly go ‘country roaming’ on a walk. Dust off walking boots and pick a route.

Head off on route four. Enjoy the beautiful countryside around you as you feel well and truly ‘at one with the country.’

Make time to meet the locals. Wonder if these pigs are related to your breakfast. Realise some animals in the countryside are more wild than you’d like.


Suddenly route four takes a sinister and dangerous turn, and we find ourselves about to cross a stream. As it is November I am rather concerned about the temperature of the water. However, when in ‘Roam’ and all that…

Some members of the party were less concerned about the river crossing.

However, I was concerned of the peril. But for whatever mad reason, crossed anyway. The stones were rather far apart, and somewhat slippy.

Survive crossing. Be sure to pause for a congratulatory ‘we made the crossing selfie.’


dartmoor-selfieContinue on route four, taking in the stunning Dartmoor scenery.

Head again for the pub. Enjoy a well deserved drink and try and get mud off jeans. Realise that resistance is futile, as you’re a country roamer now. Next time bring spare sets of clothing.

Tramp home through field of sheep and their respective poo. Be glad to reach lovely country house. Run hot bath in large bathroom, and soak.

Being a country roamer gave us the chance to get into the great outdoors, meet the wildlife, have a spot of adventure and eat some delicious locally caught and cooked food. And drink a couple of smashing local Devon ales.

DartmoorIt gave us time together, in a place of no phone reception, and we found a stylish and welcoming b&b to lay our heads at night time, which was a home from home.

We closed the big farm-door on our country house with a heavy heart, but with autumnal air in our lungs, game pie in our bellies, and the sound of tramping leaves in our heads. We’ll be back.”

Have you ever been to Dartmoor on a country break? What do you make of Rachel’s country adventure? Let us know using the comments box below. 

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