Classic Vs. Alternative: The Valentine’s Day Break

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Love is in the air here at Superbreak HQ! With Valentine’s Day looming just around the corner, us SB girls and guys have been busy dreaming about our perfect Valentine’s Break. While some of us dream of hearts and flowers, others would prefer a quiet night in!

So, as the debate continues in the office, we thought we’d put it to you…our lovely readers…to end this Valentine’s conundrum! We’ve put together some classic and alternative Valentine’s destinations we think would be pretty darn amazing. All you have to do is let us know your choice…classic vs. alternative!

Paris vs. Bordeaux

Paris vs. Bordeaux

The Classic – Paris
World-renowned as the City of Love, Paris is a sure-fire way to woo that special someone in your life. Whether you whisk them up the Eiffel Tower to take in the breath-taking Parisian views, wine and dine them on a dreamy cruise down the River Seine, or head to “Love Lock” bridge to leave a lasting romantic memento, Paris is THE ultimate classic Valentine’s destination.

The Alternative – Bordeaux
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bordeaux is another deliciously romantic escape in France for couples across the globe. Situated on the Garonne River, this exquisite capital of the Aquitaine region offers an abundance of fascinating historical architecture, a picturesque port and gastronomic delights at every turn. As the largest wine producing district in the world, you and your partner can relax and romance in one of France’s most culturally beautiful cities.

Venice vs. Verona

Venice vs. Verona

The Classic – Venice
Follow in Casanova’s footsteps this Valentine’s with a romantic retreat to the Italian city of love. With idyllic canals, beautiful bridges and hundreds of quaint little streets to explore, couples can simple lose themselves in the charming surroundings of the stunning Venetian lagoon. Sit back and enjoy a gondola ride for two as you float past the city’s stunning baroque architecture and under the iconic Rialto Bridge. For the perfect finish to your romantic escape, watch hand in hand as the sun sets majestically over the Piazza San Marco.

The Alternative – Verona
What destination is more romantic than the very place where the tale of star-crossed lovers, Romeo and Juliet began? Visit Juliet’s beautifully Gothic balcony to see where Romeo climbed up to declare his undying-love and imagine what 13th Century life for young lovers in Italy was really like. Unfortunately, no re-enactments of this famous scene are allowed to take place, but you can leave a personal love message on the walls of the Juliet’s House. Complete with historical beauty, scenic landscapes and romantic candlelit Italian-style dining, this is fantastic alternative for the perfect Valentine’s break.

Lake District vs. Snowdonia

The Lake District vs. Snowdonia

The Classic – Lake District
Escape to The Lakes with your better half this Valentine’s for a fabulously British romantic retreat. By day the rolling landscapes and picturesque lakes offer the ideal backdrop for any loved-up weekend venture. By night, you can wine and dine in one of the many delightful foodie restaurants in the area, or snuggle up in front of an open fire for a cosy night in. Serene, tranquil and peaceful…the Lake District has all the right ingredients for a memorable short break this Valentine’s.

The Alternative – Snowdonia
Imagine a place where stunning mountainous landscapes surround beautiful coastlines and charming little villages. Imagine Snowdonia! For a uniquely alternative Valentine’s weekend away, this is certainly the place to be. Head out on an exciting hiking or cycling adventure to discover the picturesque views, or settle for a quiet stroll with plenty of rural scenery and rustic character to appreciate. No matter how you spend it, a Valentine’s weekend in Snowdonia is guaranteed to tick all the right boxes.

Well it’s a right ol’ toughie isn’t it, but what do you reckon? Do you prefer the classic or alternative romantic break? Let us know using the comments box below love birds! 

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