Bank Holiday Breaks to Change?

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As part of a new tourism strategy discussions are being held to replace the current May Day bank holiday with a new National Bank Holiday. Ideas for the new bank holiday include making St Georges Day in to a National holiday in England, St David’s day a National holiday in Wales or Trafalgar Day in October. The strategy is aiming to boost tourism to the UK by extending the summer in the hopes of bringing in an extra four million overseas visitors during the next four years.

Bank holiday has always been a time for celebration a time to get together with friends and family, to relax and getaway for an extended break. The traditional May bank holiday has been around for centuries and is a day surrounded by festivities and folklore to welcome the coming of summer. Incorporating English customs such as Morris Dancing, May Pole Dancing and the crowning of the May Queen the May Bank Holiday is steeped in tradition. Changing the bank holiday to the 23rd April will still allow you to enjoy a spring short break, taking advantage of the longer days and the warmer weather, while moving it to October may cause you to retreat into the warmth of your house as autumn draws in.

What do you think about changing the Bank Holiday? Do you think it will encourage extra visitors to the UK?

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