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Guest post by Superbreaker Ashley Wilcox…

On paper a tribute band party cruise to Amsterdam is not exactly what I would consider for a short break, and 2 nights on a boat was not the relaxing and cultural break that I was seeking. However, with a lot of persuasion from my colleagues and at such a great value price it was hard for me to decline this new experience.

The weather forecast 24 hours prior to setting sail was ‘cyclonic’; a term I could only relate to as a pretty rocky ride (my colleagues were not going to hear the end of this!). Thankfully, on arrival the weather seemed to have calmed down and my attention turned to the 90’s music and abundance of fancy dress clad groups inside the departure lounge. Once we were boarded we were guided through the maze of corridors and found our cabin; despite opting for an upgraded premium cabin I was still highly anxious as to what I would open the door too. I was pleasantly surprised! 2 beds, a dressing table with mirror, clothes hangers and a modest bathroom was in fact ideal for getting ready for a big night and then crashing in afterwards.


Robbie Williams & Take That 2

Determined to appreciate every minute of this experience we were dressed up and out of the cabin not long after boarding. Our first stop, whilst still docked in the Port of Hull was a trip to Duty Free where we enjoyed our complimentary make over with our purchased VIP pass. Next we headed to the main bar area which was already buzzing, mainly with the fancy dress clad groups who looked like their night was already in full swing; still in the Port of Hull. Drink prices were surprisingly reasonable and with our VIP pass we were able to enjoy a complimentary glass of bubbly. Once we had set sail it wasn’t long before ‘Robbie’ hit the stage; the resemblance was uncanny and he commanded a full dance floor. It was going to be a good night! With a resident band to fill the time between acts and numerous other bars and a casino there was plenty to do. Perched by the barstools we stood in the crowd awaiting Take That 2; high standards had been set by Robbie and the dance floor was filling up once more. Kitted out in typical boy band attire they walked on stage, not many heads in the audience took a double take, however they had their songs down to a tee. Robbie even returned to the stage for an authentic reunion!

As the night went on there was little sign of people retiring to their cabins, clearly no one was thinking of the early morning coach journey to Amsterdam, so cue the mantra; if you can’t beat them join them! After busting some awful shapes on the dance floor and visiting the bar a few too many times we returned to our base after 4am. Alarms were set…an hour ahead for local time of course.

You can now book tickets for a 2015 themed mini cruise!

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