A Year of the Harry Potter Studio Tour London

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Just over a year ago the dreams of Harry Potter fans across the globe came true. The opening of the Warner Bros. Studio Tour London has given them access to props, sets, cast members, costumes and as many behind-the-scenes secrets as any HP fan can take. As a big fan of the books and films myself, I’m still itching to pay the place a visit, but with plenty of exciting events planned for the coming months I know I have plenty to look forward to. Here we take a look back at the last 12 months on the Harry Potter Tour, and find out what to expect from the future…

William, Kate & Harry at The Harry Potter Studio Tour London
William, Kate & Harry at The Harry Potter Studio Tour London

A Royal Visit to Hogwarts

Back in April of this year, the Harry Potter Studios welcomed its most famous visitors to date…their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. Bringing with them spellbound children from many of their charities, the royals delved straight into the experience and relived the magic of the movies, even finding time to learn a spell of two.


*Harry Potter Fact: A dentist was on standby for many of the scenes involving the young crowds to replace teeth which wobbled and fell out, preventing any tooth related continuity issues!* 


Animal Actors Week

Some of the key features in each of the Harry Potter Movies were involving animals – Ron’s introduction of Scabbers the rat in The Philosopher’s Stone, the unforgettable clumsiness of the Weasley’s Owl, Errol and of course, the basilisk in The Chamber of Secrets. To celebrate the incredible achievement of the animals and their trainers, Warner Bros. Studio Tour held Animal Actors Week during May 2013 showcasing the likes of Hedwig and Pigwidgeon. The show was completely stolen however by the ‘Kittens in Training’ feature, where 6 week old kittens demonstrated their talents seen in the plates on the wall of Order of the Phoenix. All together now…awwwww.


*Harry Potter Fact: Every time the Directors of the Harry Potter film series felt that Voldemort was growing in power they added a metre of silk to his costume. By the time he fought Dumbledore, Ralph Fiennes was wearing an impressive 50 metres of silk.*


Summer Spells – 26th July to 2nd September 2013

Throughout summer 2013, you are being offered your chance to delve into the world of spell-casting, potions and wizarding duels that you’ve witnessed in the films. Learn the wand chorography that made Wingardium Leviosa one of the most well-known movie phrases of all time, see a special effects demonstration in Diagon Alley and discover the science and creativity behind the amazing glowing effect of Patronus. This could be your biggest chance to be a wizard for the day, so don’t miss out and book your Harry Potter Studio tickets with Superbreak today!

Have you been to The Making of Harry Potter Studio Tour yet? 


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