9 Reasons why Autumn is the best season

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We’re all guilty of it…..when it’s winter we moan about the dark nights and cold weather, then when summer comes around it’s too hot and the sun’s waking us up on a morning! That’s why I thought I’d share my reasons for why I believe Autumn is the best of all four seasons, and why you should be thinking about taking a short break during this perfect time of year. 

1. Weather-wise, we get the best of both worlds

This way, everybody’s happy! From sunny days at the beach with a brisk coastal breeze, to overcast & rainy days that were just made for staying indoors with the family, autumn weather is a mix of everything.


2. The leaves make everywhere look so much prettier

The sun’s great, but if love a good photograph then the array of autumn colours offer up the perfect opportunity in some of our finest cities. Check out how great London looks!


3. Autumn brings us Halloween & Bonfire Night!

It’s not just for the kids, you know…Halloween and Bonfire Night are a great chance to get the family together and celebrate with some fireworks and trick or treating. Or better still, get away somewhere special for the night and let them take care of the fireworks!


4. It’s acceptable to drink hot chocolate at any time of day

The king of hot drinks, in autumn you can drink it from morning ’til night and nobody will batter an eyelid. Pile those marshmallows high and grab some cookies for the ultimate cold weather snack.


5. Autumn means lighting the fire,  blankets on the sofa and a good book

My ideal way of spending a chilly weekday evening, there’s nothing better than grabbing a book and snuggling up on the sofa for a couple of hours.


6. Nobody complains when you spend all day Sunday watching movies because it’s raining

Whether it’s a Disney film with the kids or a long list of chick-flicks, rainy Sunday’s are made for all-day movie sessions.


7. X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing start! (OK, debatable whether that’s a good thing)

It’s the peak time of year for reality show lovers as two of the biggest contenders go head-to-head once again for the ratings. Let’s be honest, it’s a guilty pleasure for most of us!


8. We get a whole extra hour in bed, and that’s just great

Now we know not all beds look like the one pictured, but it could if you stayed at The Corinthia this autumn! If not, then grab your winter duvet and curl up for an extra hour of sleep whilst you can.


9. It’s time to go Christmas shopping

The best part of Christmas is of course the endless hours of shopping you can get away with beforehand! Well, it is for me anyway! So whether it’s in your home town or whether you take a short break for some Christmas shopping, make sure you get started early.


Quite frankly I could go on for hours talking about why I love Autumn more than any other season. It truly is the perfect time to take a short break, whether it’s in the UK or into Europe for a last minute getaway in search of an Indian summer. If you love city breaks as much as I do, then you’re in for a treat this autumn with our great deals on destinations that are just perfect for a weekend of shopping or a romantic dinner for two.

Where are you heading this Autumn?  

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