8 Reasons a Midweek Break is the Best Kind of Break

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Weekends are so overrated. Haughtily strutting in after the five-day week with its work-free agendas and pyjama-day promises; but despite its alluring facade, it’s nothing more than a two-day scramble to cram in all of your hobbies, see all of your friends and most importantly, catch up on the all-holy sleep.

You reach Sunday evening feeling like you’ve run a marathon backwards, and let’s face it, all of that build-up and you only had one full day of freedom because Sunday was filled with tomorrow’s looming Monday Blues.

It’s time to wake up and smell the midweek coffee, because it’s this pocket of the week which deserves all of our devoted attention. We say that a midweek break is the best time to enjoy some time away and here’s why…

1) More Time:


Time: noun – something we all want more of but can’t get enough of.
A midweek break slows the usually rushed weekend pace down and allows you to truly enjoy that short break. You can have three full days of relaxing and sightseeing instead of one night, one full day and one half day dreading Monday. You’d even have enough time to devour a cultural slice of London and its world-famous attractions.

2) Fewer Crowds:

Most people are at work or school during the week which means that the usually swarming roads, hotels, coffee shops, high street and attractions such as Drayton Manor are yours to enjoy at your leisure. Without all the noise and the pushing and shoving, you can travel freely, get a good night’s sleep, sip your coffee on one of the comfy seats, saunter around the shops and actually see the sights – what’s not to love?

3) Shorter Waiting Times:

We’ve mentioned midweek being less busy, but with that comes another perk of shorter waiting times. How many weekends or Bank Holidays have you spent in a queue or waiting a lifetime for food? Many weekends is our answer to that. But with a midweek break queues become a thing of the past. Attractions, restaurants, cafes, museums are all more enjoyable when you can almost stroll right in. We imagine that that theme parks such as Legoland would be much more enjoyable midweek!

4) Lower Stress-Factor:

stress-free copy
Stress is something that we humans expect these days, whether it be at work or at home, stress has crept its way into our schedules. With a midweek break, however, you can remedy this stress and indulge in more me-time, less rushing, fewer crowds and shorter waiting times – Where do we sign?

5) Money-Saving:

Discount, bargain, reduced, low-cost – whatever you want to call it, when it comes to saving money, we’re in! It’s a not-so-secret fact that midweek breaks are usually kinder to the wallet than conventional weekend ones. Whether it’s a discounted room rate, a midweek offer at a restaurant or an attraction voucher, a midweek break allows you to nurture those precious pennies. That, and you can also take your pick of the best last minute hotel deals!

6) Break Up The Working Week:

There really is nothing tastier than a Monday-Friday sandwich. Loaded with meaty midweek goodness and crunchy chaos-free filling, a midweek break is well-known for spicing up the monotony of the flavour-deficient working week. Think about it, Monday is still Monday but with all those Fridays Feels, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday become the long weekend, Friday remains the all-hailed Friday, and then it’s the weekend. Two Fridays and two weekends – don’t mind if we do!

7) No Monday Morning Dread:

With two Fridays in the week, there’s no room for the Monday Blues, and that’s why midweek breaks come out tops on the happiness scale. Tomorrow is never really Monday when you escape midweek and that’s reason enough to go against the weekend grain.

8) Only Two Early-Morning Alarms:

And they’re for Friday and the ‘Fridayest’ Monday ever – they say if you snooze you lose, but we only really see extra sleep time as winning! Hello sleep, my old friend.

If you’re thinking of converting to the midweek getaway trend, SuperBreak can offer some great midweek break inspiration, and if you’re on a budget, we have a great selection of great value city breaks to choose from.

Let us know where you’d go on your midweek break in the comment box below!

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