7 Festive Fails to Avoid by Taking a Christmas Break

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It’s no secret that the Christmas period brings just as much stress as it does joy for the most part. September comes around and we all start getting giddy about what to buy people, where we’ll spend Christmas Day and what we’ve got our eye on for the Boxing Day sales. However, come December 24th we’re all prepping ourselves for a whirlwind few days of smiling faces, too much Baileys and a car-load of gadgets we never even knew existed.

There is a way to rediscover the true spirit of Christmas, though – get away from it all and make the most of those precious days off work, where other people do the hard work for you and you still get to over-indulge on all the goodies! If you’re not convinced, here’s a reminder of 7 festive fails you are guaranteed to experience if you stay at home…

Dinner Disasters

If you’re in the kitchen this year, then you’ll definitely forget the varying dietary requirements of the 12 people you’re feeding. Then there’s the battling for elbow room at the table while the kids refuse to eat their sprouts and everyone starts haggling for each other’s cracker toy. Who needs that? Why not save the hassle and opt for a delicious dinner deal a few days after the mayhem!

Family Feuds

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It wouldn’t be Christmas if there wasn’t some ongoing argument that people just can’t get over, even for a couple of hours. You’re stuck in the middle while sarcastic comments fly and tensions rise in direct correlation to the amount of wine bottles in the recycling. You can’t take sides, nor can you escape. You’re in this for the long haul.

Fussy Kids

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Kids know what they want, and they’ll waste no time in telling you, either. So if you get it wrong you’d better be prepared for an almighty backlash. From last season’s Barbie to the wrong superhero PJs, if you’re not sure whether you’re on the right track…seek advice!

Keeping the Peace


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Christmas is all about family, and by family I mean the entire family. From grandparents to step-families, in-laws to cousins, there is no excuse known to man that justifies missing anyone out on your Christmas route. You’d better get planning (or head off on a luxurious hotel break for the festive season!).

Tree Toppling

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You’ve clambered through the boxes in the attic to get to the decorations box, spent hours making sure the tree looks great (and everything is spread out equally), positioned it perfectly in the room as to amaze everyone as soon as they walk in…then the cat/dog/baby/clumsy husband knocks it over and all is lost. Yeah. That.

Christmas TV

Some people love it. Some people pretend to love it. I’d hasten a guess at the latter being the genuine answer for most of us. If spending your day watching a Disney/Pixar movie, The Queen’s Speech and the festive episode of EastEnders is your thing then you’re in luck. If not, well you may as well go to work.

Board Game Squabbles

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Ah, a little competition never hurt anyone. Until you’re three hours into a 30 year old Trivial Pursuit, which only two family members are old enough to know the answers to. Or, why not try the brand new game the kids got as a present – but the grandparents refuse to play because of the complicated technology? There really is no winner.

Convinced? You should be! Avoid all of these stresses during the festive season this year and escape on a relaxing, indulgent break filled with delicious food, Christmas spirit and great entertainment. We’ve got packages available throughout the UK and even into Europe, so treat yourselves this December and enjoy your time off.

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