5 Reasons to Choose City over Beach this Summer

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So it’s raining outside, Summer couldn’t feel further away and the boss is already driving you around the bend – it might be time to start thinking about getting away! At this time of year, it’s impossible not to start mentally spending those oh-so-precious holiday days…

With that in mind, we thought we’d remind you of the key reasons why you should take a city break this summer rather than heading to the beach. With loads of great ideas of places to visit, where will we take you in 2016?


You’ll make the most of your time

Granted, the idea of laying on the beach with music in your ears and ice –cold drinks on tap is pretty appealing, but blink and you’ll be on your way home with nothing but tan lines to show for it. With a city break you can cram so much into those few days that it’ll feel like you’ve been away for weeks. From shopping to sightseeing, dining out to an evening at the theatre, there are endless things to pack into your itinerary and no break is ever the same!

Getting around is so much easier

Yeah that azure blue water and white sand might look great in the brochure, but the 3 hour, mountainous journey you have to take in your hired SMART car isn’t such a highlight. In the city you barely have to think about how to get from A to B. Grab a tram, take the underground, hail a cab or…hop on a gondola! It’s cheaper, easier, more reliable and you can plan your route in advance to help make the most of your precious time.

Can you catch a Gondola at the beach? Didn’t think so

Wear whatever shoes you want

There is nothing worse than beach footwear. Flip-flops are the only option unless you want your shoes filled with sand for eternity, but trying to drag yourself across the beach without looking like you’re walking in tar is almost impossible. Try bare feet? Risk the wrath of the sun-scorched seashore and spend the rest of your break tiptoeing around like a child. You don’t have that problem in the city, you can wear whatever shoes take your fancy. And as a serial shoe hoarder that’s a pretty important factor for me!

You don’t need the beach to get a tan

Taking a city break doesn’t mean being confined to London or Edinburgh, European cities like Rome, Barcelona and Paris offer everything you could ever want…plus the sun! Believe me, it’s just as easy to tan (and burn) whilst wandering around Las Ramblas or relaxing on a Seine River cruise. Many bars and restaurants come with roof terraces and outdoor spaces to enjoy the fabulous weather and catch some breath-taking views – the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona is a particular favourite of ours.

Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona
We could definitely spend a few hours on the roof terrace at the Hilton Diagonal Mar Barcelona

You’ll be making memories

Ok so those Instagram snaps of your hotdog legs and cocktail umbrella have got a few of your friends jealous, but in 10 years’ time are you really going to remember that uneventful few days lying there doing nothing? Probably not. However, you will absolutely remember the first time you saw The Coliseum, the first time you braved the dizzy heights of the tower in Paris, or the first time you visited the West End. They’re the experiences you’ll be telling people about for years, not that one time you bought some fake sunglasses off some guy on some beach in some country.

Convinced yet? I thought you might be! Get yourself on a city break this summer and really see Europe… I promise you won’t regret it.

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