5 Drivers in Contention But Only 1 Will Be Crowned the 2010 F1 Champion

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Posted by Matt

As F1 heads to Brazil this weekend, for the penultimate race of the season, astonishingly there are still 5 drivers in contention for the title. Fernando Alonso, Mark Webber, Lewis Hamilton, Sebastian Vettel and Jenson Button can all still technically take the crown. However, if all goes well for Alonso this weekend he may already be champion by the time the drivers get to Abu Dhabi next week.

After Mark Webber stormed up the F1 table, winning in Spain, Monaco, England and Hungary, he looked set to win his first F1 Championship. But after 3 wins in the last 4 races, Fernando Alonso has come out of nowhere to reach the top of the table, pulling out an 11 point lead going into the 2 final races.

If Alonso wins in Brazil, claiming the maximum 25 points, and both Webber in second and Hamilton in third have poor races, one of the most exciting F1 seasons in recent years could all be over by Sunday afternoon. Don’t count the other drivers out just yet though. 2 straight wins for Webber, Hamilton, Vettel or Button could see them snatch the title, and after all the ups and downs of this F1 season anything is possible!

So what do you think? Will Alonso win his 3rd F1 title or will we see more shocks and twists to this already exhilarating season?

One response to “5 Drivers in Contention But Only 1 Will Be Crowned the 2010 F1 Champion

  1. Nick

    I think that the people’s champion is probably going to be Mark Webber, but you’d be hard pressed to see past Alonso winning this year which is a shame as the Red Bull team really has been the best team this season.

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