14 Ways To Make The Most Of The School Holidays On A Budget

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The school holidays can be tough – the kids have loads of time off while you have to work around them and ensure that they’re enjoying themselves 24/7. There’s also money to consider, too. No fear! Check out Team SuperBreak’s top tips on how to make the most of the school holidays on a budget – stress-free, we promise.

Enjoy a Lego Day

If there’s anything that’ll get the creative juices flowing, it’s good old Lego. Tip all the pieces out onto the floor and have an afternoon of unlimited fun! If the purse strings can stretch further, check out Legoland for a short break that’s sure to inspire.

Top Tip: Don’t step on the pieces!

Recreate Takeshi’s Castle with household items

Are you ready to take(shi) on the challenge?! Transport yourself back in time to the glory days of the 90s by recreating this stellar TV show in the comfort of your own home. To get into the spirit of things, be sure to watch a few episodes with your kids beforehand.

Top Tip: Surprise the kids by setting up the obstacles first without telling them. Also ensure there’s no hazards.

Go on a puddle walk

Rainy day? It’s not a washout yet. Grab your coats and go searching for some seriously impressive puddles. The biggest splash-maker gets the hairdryer first!

Top Tip: Remember to wear your wellies!

Bake a cake – the more sprinkles the better!

Everyone loves cake, and kids are no exception. Impress them with your clear baking skills by making a selection of sponges, cupcakes and tray-bakes. Washing up can wait until later…

Top Tip: Take the kids to the supermarket to choose their toppings.

Treat the kids to a day at the zoo

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a family trip to the zoo. We recommend ZSL London Zoo for a day out in the city and Chester Zoo for it’s HUGE range of animals.

Top Tip: Take your camera to capture the memories forever.

Plant some seeds

No matter what the weather’s like, planting flowers, seeds and vegetables makes for the perfect afternoon. Be sure to check on them regularly to see their progress during the change in seasons.

Top Tip: Swot up on your plant knowledge so that when the inevitable questions come along, you’ll be well equipped!

Create a scrapbook of days out

Sometimes remembering past events is a sure-fire way to get the kid involved in storytelling and memory exercises. Creating a scrapbook will engage them for longer, meaning you can be sure that they’re having fun right until teatime.

Top Tip: Make sure you have plenty of glue, glitter, stickers and colourful paper to hand.

Whizz up a smoothie

Thirsty? Turn your day into an inventing workshop with the help of some delicious fruit smoothies. Make a few different concoctions and vote on who made the best one!

Top Tip: Prep the fruit first before making the smoothies – it’ll be more fun that way!

Put on a theatre show in the garden

Fan of the arts? Put on your very own show in your garden and invite friends and family round to watch your performance. You could even make an afternoon of it by giving everyone a snack to bring round to the event – yum!

Top Tip: Visit local charity shops and car boot sales for costumes. You might even find stuff in your wardrobe!

Make a den

Is there anything more satisfying than making your very own den? Get creative and use whatever you have lying around the house – pegs, blankets, bedding and washing lines are a great starting point.

Top Tip: If there’s enough space, invite some of your children’s friends round and turn the den into a sleepover tent!

Go kite-flying

Head to the beach or a large field for a spot of kite-flying. It’s ideal for an afternoon with the kids and it’s great exercise too!

Top Tip: Check the weather reports a few weeks in advance – the windier the better!

Play a game of Disney Bingo

Pick a Disney movie and play a fun game of Disney bingo! Who’s got an animal on their bingo card? Who will tick off the first song? And who will spot the villain first?

Top Tip: Save this activity for a rainy day, and be sure to have plenty of snacks in stock during the film.

Find a stream and play poohsticks

Enjoy a spot of nostalgia by taking a walk to play poohsticks. It’s guaranteed to entertain the kids for an hour or two and they may even want a nap afterwards!

Top Tip: Invite the whole family along for a greater competition!

Create a time-capsule

Gather up some of your favourite memories, photos, trinkets, news stories, postcards, letters and toys and pop them in a time-capsule! Bury it somewhere close to home and let a few close family members know where it’s hidden.

Top Tip: Agree on a year when it will be opened before you bury it. Will it be in 5 years or even 20?!

What activities do you enjoy doing over the school holidays? Let us know by commenting below! 

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