World Premier of Michael Flatley’s Lord of the Dance – Dangerous Games

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Guest post by David Thomas

Some of the cast of Lord of the Dance plus the gorgeous Nadine Coyle with SuperBreak’s David Thomas

Last night the most famous theatre in the world was transported into the realm of the imagination as the eagerly awaited Lord of the Dance, Dangerous Games, had its world premier in the presence of a stellar celebrity audience and, more importantly, the legions of adoring fans for whom Michael Flatley ever was, and ever will be, the undisputed Lord of the Dance.  There were unicorns in Oxford Circus last night, and an elfin flautist gambolling with ravishing fiddlers, as a cyborg army battled with the army of The Lord, toe-to-toe, heel-toe, heel-toe, and the thunder of their footwork was pierced by the cries and cheers of the audience. Row after row of jaw-droppingly gorgeous nymphs, seemingly springing from the mists of the enchanted Celtic forest, seemed to defy gravity with the effortless levitation of their faun-like steps as the wonderland’s siren, Nadine Coyle, wove magical music from the butterfly-filled skies.  And then Michael Flatley took to the stage – his personality as big as the Palladium itself.

A couple of weeks previous I had asked him: “When the lights go up and the audience mills off into the night, what will be the most memorable moment in the twenty year journey that has been Lord of the Dance?”.  “That’s easy” he replied, “my wedding day, the birth of our child, and now, fulfilling my dream of performing at the London Palladium.”  Last night, after the show, I asked him how it felt to be living that dream? “It just doesn’t get any better than this” he replied with a smile a mile wide.

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