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Memphis the Musical has been taking the West End by storm in recent weeks, so we thought we’d send a few of our trade friends to see the show and get their thoughts. Safe to say, they all absolutely loved it! Below are some of the reviews – if you’re thinking about going to see the show, I’d be prepared for one huge evening of entertainment! 


Juleta @ KidStart

Memphis The Musical Review (★★★★)

Watching Memphis the Musical has brought back my love for musicals and most importantly my love for Soul. It’s impossible not to mention how talented the cast is! I left inspired and wanting to give the songs a go while in the shower!

The storyline is beautiful and has a great pace. I really loved how funny it was too. I recommend this musical to everyone who loves a little bit of romantic comedy and soul music.


Jennifer @ Hearst Magazines

Memphis was brilliant.  The songs were great West End numbers which the audience loved – there were even some audience members singing along in the finale!  The vocals were strong from all performers with a lot of enthusiasm into their performances.  The choreography was fantastic and showed off great 50s moves which are always good fun. Having only vaguely heard of Memphis before I went in I was really impressed with the whole production and would definitely recommend it.


Laraine Angel @ Spear Travels

What a fantastic show! So many memorable songs and wonderful choreography. At times the story moved me to tears and had me laughing out loud. Beverley Knight and Killian Donnelly were amazing – and the supporting cast were wonderful – such good voices and very energetic dancers. I absolutely loved it and didn’t want it to end!

My rating is definitely 5!


Tylene @ Travel Counsellors

The opening scene of the show actually made me think of the Marvin Gaye “I Want You” Album cover. The storyline, the music, the lyrics, the choreography and the cast were superb. I was really drawn into the story and really felt the emotion of the story, especially when Gator, the guy who hadn’t spoke for years suddenly started to sing, I was in tears.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this show to my friends, family and clients and I would definitely go to see it again. I rate the show a 5 – absolutely brilliant!


Donna @ Christmas Markets

It wasn’t the sort of show I would have usually bought tickets for as I usually go for something where the music is well known, or I go to something that was recommended but I have to say, what a find!

The singing was excellent, filled the theatre and made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Beverley Knight was awesome, how can such a tiny doll of a woman project such a huge and powerful voice?

Without exception the cast were superb, there are many shows where a few of the cast are clearly not as experienced or talented as the stars but in this case they were a great team, all wonderfully talented in dancing and singing.

The story was tragic, all the more so because it was based on real events. But it was told with humour and real feeling. I will definitely go again and have no hesitation in recommending it to others. It was a great evening’s entertainment.


Fancy going to see Memphis the Musical for yourself? Get your hands on some tickets to see the fabulous Beverley Knight in action!

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