An X Factor Night Out | I Can’t Sing! The Musical Review

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Guest post by Michelle Bruce

Despite not being a fan of either Harry Hill or X Factor, I was intrigued to see how the show had been transformed onto the stage and if the stage show was more entertaining than the TV program itself, which I had hoped it was.

The thought of dread bestowed upon me as we arrived at the London Palladium, and I promptly wondered whether or not I would actually enjoy the next 2 and a half hours of my evening.

The show started with a very cheesy theatrical song and dance, only X Factor fans would appreciate, which led to that feeling of dread I felt outside the theatre to return!

Luckily that feeling did not stay with me throughout the performance, whilst I won’t give the plot away, although I’m sure you can guess, I found myself laughing for the majority of the show. With comical references to current affairs, the X Factor show and even the technical difficulties the show had experienced on a couple of occasions, which when you see the 2nd half you’ll understand why, but you’ll also be amazed at how the show is put together. It left me thoroughly enjoying this theatre production.

For those readers that are fans of the TV show, you will appreciate and understand the jokes a little better than I did. I found myself needing to ask my friend what a couple of the references meant, but even so, you don’t need to have watched the show to see the funny side of I Can’t Sing!.

To sum up my review, if you’re looking for a night of fun, laughter, entertainment and even a little bit of emotion thrown in there, I Can’t Sing! The X Factor musical is a show not too be missed regardless of whether or not you enjoy the TV program.


Guest post by Rebecca Birch 

As a diehard X factor fan, ‘I Can’t Sing – The X Factor Musical’ immediately caught my attention out of all the new 2014 shows. Written by Harry Hill, an X Factor critic, the show is really suitable for both those who love & loathe it!

With a strong focus on contestants ‘back stories’ it is truly hilarious, albeit slightly eccentric – but who doesn’t love a bit of theatrical interpretation? The script follows two young hopefuls who become contestants and fall madly in love, and boy they can sing! I was wowed by the lead ‘Chenice’ who blew the audience away with her amazing vocal talent, not to mention her on screen dog – which in my eyes was the true star of the show.

The cast were incredible – Nigel Harman really makes an uncanny Simon Cowell on stage, and with his mannerisms perfected, you really did have to a double-take to check you weren’t in the presence of Simon Cowell himself. Some of the impersonations had every member of the audience in hysterics!

For those in need of a wacky & wonderful theatre break, this is the show for you, with so many unexpected turns and twists and outright creative brilliance, you’re in for a comedy rollercoaster!

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