A Beginner’s Guide to Billy Elliot

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When an incredibly successful, Oscar-nominated British film gets turned into the best musical of the decade, people take notice. Turning out in their millions since its premiere in 2005, love for this incredibly endearing musical just hasn’t waned. It takes a really great show to make it in the West End for 10 years, and audiences just keep going back for more. If you haven’t seen it yet (where have you been?!) here’s a cheat’s guide to the show, and 6 reasons you should probably go see it!


At first there were three Billy’s… now there are five!

The starring role in a hit West End musical is strenuous work – to help, the role is currently shared by five different boys, and from one performance to the next, the Billy’s change. Extraordinarily talented, the boys who play Billy are like real life Billy Elliots themselves, living out their dreams on the West End stage. One thing that audiences tend to be shocked by is the bad language in the show – expect a few four-letter words from the mouths of babes…


Elton John’s music is full of Electricity

The greatest asset the musical is simply its wonderful score. With all the same wonderful energy the film had, Elton John’s music is both moving and stunningly upbeat, and the anthemic song Electricity has become one of the best known in musical theatre – a fantastic moment in the play, it’s one to look out for

9.5 Million People have seen it…

The show has taken the world by storm. Not only has Billy Elliot had a magnificent run in London, but it has spent three and a half years on Broadway, a year and half in Australia, embarked on an American Tour, played in locations as diverse as Toronto and Sao Paolo, and is due to open in Amsterdam next year. Not bad for a show about a plucky lad from the North-East. The play also won the Audience Award at the Olivier’s last year, as voted for by the general public


…and Critics love it too!

You don’t just win 10 Tony Awards for nothing. Critics at home and abroad have lavished Billy Elliot with constant praise; if a ‘Captivating’, ‘Magic’, ‘Dazzling’, ‘Triumphant’ and ‘Marvellous’ show is your bag, see this show now

Ruthie Henshall is a theatre legend…

And is utterly perfect in the role of encouraging Ballet Teacher Ms Wilkinson, the role originated by Julie Walters in the film.  An Olivier Award winning actress, Henshall is perhaps best known for her stints in Chicago; her performance here though is career-defining, and her star power merely enhances the already-brilliant show and its young and talented ensemble


Our Billy Elliot Theatre Breaks start from an astounding £69pp!

We always like to save the best reason for last – our Theatre breaks always offer a special treat, and there’s nothing quite as special as seeing Billy Elliot on a short break in London.

Billy Beginner or Billy Braniac? Let us know what you think of the show in our comments section below!


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