This Week We’re Talking About… Our #SuperHeroes Competition!


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Seeing as it’s a cold and dark winter, we’ve decided to launch our #SuperHeroes Competition to save you from the doom and gloom! Know someone who simply changes the world with their kind-natured way? Maybe you’re lucky enough to have someone in your life who whisks you off your feet now and again? Rest assured, you can now nominate those everyday heroes with the help of our four characters. Take a peek at their bios and learn more!

Meet #SuperBrave.

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They’re not afraid of anything. Courageous to the core. Throw them a challenge and they’ll overcome it. They’ve climbed the steepest of mountains. They’ve eaten some weird dishes in their time. They’ve fought a pretty nasty illness. They’ve rescued the neighbour’s cat from a particularly prickly hedge. You know the sort. Nominate these brave salts of the earth for the #SuperBrave prize!

Meet #SuperFun.

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They know how to start the party. Party poppers, face paints and an abundance of tasty treats – sorted! They’re not afraid to be centre-stage and can sense when someone needs a little sunshine in their life. Whether it’s a practical joke or a croggie down the road on their pushbike, they’re guaranteed to make you laugh! Absolute legends. Nominate these rib-ticklers for the #SuperFun accolade!

Meet #SuperRomantic.

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They’re ready to take you away to new and exotic destinations for a couples’ retreat. They leave little love notes on the fridge and mirrors just to remind you just how loved you are. They’re texting you at spontaneous moments throughout the day. They’re bringing home a tub of your favourite ice cream and a great film. What a smoothie. Nominate these heart-melters for the #SuperRomantic award!

Meet #SuperCaring.

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They put other people’s needs way above their own, and still want to help further! They’re always on hand to offer advice, a plaster or even a little packet of biscuits. They’re more than happy to lend a hand with a problem or lend an ear in times of need. What’s more, if you’re a guest at their home you’re sure to have your favourite magazine and a huge bar of chocolate waiting for you!

Think you can identify a relative or friend in these descriptions? Take a peek at our competition and be a superhero yourself by nominating them! 

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