This Week We’re Talking About… Our Staff SuperHeroes


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It’s Friday and the SuperBreak office is full of those fantastic #fridayfeels! And we’ve got a lot of celebrating to do, as we’ve discovered the the office is full of SuperHeroes!

As part of our SuperHeroes competition, we’ve been scouring the office for super staff members. The following five have been nominated by their fellow colleagues for being their SuperHero at work!

It’s not too late to nominate your real-life SuperHero – our competition closes at midnight tonight (25th November 2016).

1) Rob


“He has been a huge help with us on our display channel in making creatives in the doubleclick studios interface, which is a platform he had no prior experience with and had to undertake training to be able to use. He’s been a great help with this project as it has been a long and difficult process to finally get to the end of it.”

“He’s been helping us with our Ad Server Transition Project and we’ve stumbled across a number of issues along the way that were completely unexpected. Rob’s gone above and beyond to provide both technical and design help, as well as completing his Google accreditation outside of work hours. Every hurdle we’ve hit, he’s come back with solutions & provided detailed explanations. He’s been a massive help!”

2) Kay


“She is a very helpful and approachable manager, she helps me when needed and she makes the best cups of tea….. She is top tea bird!!!”

“She is always there to support us whenever we need her. She is well organised and makes sure we always get a birthday card and a great gift! She has a great sense of humour, and she always makes sure the biscuit tin is full!”

3) Owain


“He always goes over and beyond his duties. Owain is constantly asked questions by the call centre, he is usually the first port of call no matter what the subject is and even if it is not something he deals with he will do his best to find out the answer. Also as a work colleague he is always on hand to help with any problems.”

4) Natalie


“On a daily basis this lovely lady is a Superhero in dealing with my daily requests and assistance for POS, offers, agents details, figures etc. etc.… Nothing is ever a problem and Natalie always takes on the tasks with a smile and positive “yes can do” attitude and especially as my requests can be very demanding and urgent and I can be calling her numerously in one day. Well done Natalie and thanks for your continued support to myself and the SuperBreak Sales team.”

5) Rebecca


“I work with Becca every day and without her my start at SuperBreak wouldn’t have been as easy as it has been. Rebecca has been at SuperBreak for three-and-a-half years, and with that comes a wealth of knowledge across the business and specific to our job roles. She always has time for no matter how silly the question or how big her workload. She is not only great at her job but she comes into work with a smile every day and is the life and soul of the marketing team! She is truly someone I call a Super friend.”

Everyone has someone in their life they regard as their SuperHero – tell us your stories and nominate that someone special before midnight on 25th November 2016!

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